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Amélie is the star of the hit French film of the same name. Although few people who have seen the movie realize this, her brother (and brother, and me) is Edward Shnowden. The first appearance of Amélie was Episode 191, before a Yahoo submitted by Amelie Belcher.

Griffin: This Yahoo was sent in by Amelie Belcher, thanks Amelie, it was written by Yahoo Answers user–
Justin: [In a high pitched, squeaky voice] Amélie?
Griffin: ...what was that?
Justin: [In normal voice] It's my impression of Amélie.
Griffin: From the movie Amélie???
Justin: [In the high pitched voice] Amélie!



  • Her bit "very nearly killed Griffin."
  • Amélie cook an egg with a spoon.
  • She's too small to fit on Blu-Ray, they lose her. LaserDiscs are out of the question.
  • She is hiding near the spindle!
  • She was referenced by Lin-Manuel Miranda in his first MBMBaM appearance.