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Count Donut is a character created by Justin, serving as a special guest host for Munch Squad updates that are themed after donuts or blood. The count was first introduced in Episode 532.

  • Count Donut is immune to all Earthly pathogens (but he still wears a facemask).[1]
  • He has Internal Blood Syndrome (IBS), meaning that he can only consume and digest blood.[1]
  • He lives in a castle in Donutvania, but considers himself a citizen of nowhere.[1]
  • He used to employ a servant named Renfield, but Count Donut murdered him in cold blood at the request of the Travis.[1]
  • Count Donut attempted to kill Justin in order to take his place as the sole host of Munch Squad, but Justin later revealed himself to be alive and well when he realized that it would extremely disturbing if people sent condolences to his wife, Sydnee. Don't do that.[1]
  • Long before Count Donut appeared on the podcast, Justin impersonated him in Episode 1 of the Seeso TV show[1]
  • Count Donut glistens in sunlight.[2]
  • Count Donut and Richard Stink both live inside of Justin, and when they emerge Justin is sent to hell until they stop controlling his body. [3]


  • Count Donut was mentioned in Episode 535, but the Munch Squad Jr. was too insignificant for him to appear in-person.

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