Doug "Dougie[1]" McElroy is the "secret" fourth brother of the McElroy siblings as mentioned in the intro of the third episode of the MBMBAM Seeso show.

His creation is the result of a quip from Griffin ("Outvoted by the secret fourth McElroy, Dougie") in response to Travis stating at the beginning of the episode, "I did not want to do this episode, but I was outvoted 3/1". This vote count was later clarified later to include the two other brothers and the director.

In Episode 60: Discretion for Miles, the brothers mention a fourth brother named "Terry"; it's unclear whether this is another name for Dougie.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Clint is not cruel enough to name a child "Dougie". Because of this, it is likely that it is a nickname.
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