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Edward Shnowden is a frequent guest on the podcast. Although best-known for being a National Treasure: Book of Shecrets, he also has an ashylum hologram. His sister is Amélie.

Physical Location[]

Although Shnowden communicated with the brothers via an ashylum hologram during Episode 159, his physical body was hiding under a table in Denny's. There was room for his shecrets (and a Grand Slam), which may have contributed to his choice of location.

The Denny's where Shnowden hid provided complimentary Ethernet access with every Grand Slam, as well as a bib.

Shnowden Summoning Methods[]

He is generally summoned through mention of his name, the NSA, or occasionally when the brothers deal with secrets. The United States government seems to be unaware of these summoning methods, so keep it a shecret.

Edward Snowden may have* appeared on the following episodes[]

(*this is a work in progress).


  • "Uncle Sam, you've been naughty!" (Episode 159)


  • In Episode 176 at 42:53 Griffin mentions his name and Justin misses it and does not do his impression.
  • In 2013, prior to his first appearance on the show, MBMBAM granted Shnowen podcast ashylum, for which he was incredibly grateful.
  • According to Travis, Shnowden may be the ghost of a Victorian-era matchbook girl, although Shnowden himself insists he is simply a hacker.
  • Denny's employees are extremely kind and accommodating to Shnowden, as all Denny's employees have "some shit in the closet", and the company is run by "really hardcore libertarians".
  • Shnowden has either a lisp or an aphasia; it is unclear exactly which, as it is "one of [his] shecrets" and he refuses to reveal it.