"KORBEN DALLAS" was originally released on May 7, 2012.


In a continued effort to synergize our product to its maximum potential, we've teamed up with The Avengers this week to bring you the super-est episode of MBMBaM yet. Just don't forget, dear listeners: With terrible advice comes little to no responsibility.

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Avengers Assemble, Life Coach, Karate Court, Dog Dick Limbo, Tempura Face, Customer Creeping, Pizza n' Dippins, Cop Tales, Chris Tucker Impressions, Spaceship Lingerie Football


04:12 - My 25-year-old friend won't grow up. I've tried to impart wisdom and encourage her to pack her bags and move, but she won't do that without her parents' approval either. Help me brothers! Can I help her stand on her own two feet. -- Conflicted Comrade

[Travis provides additional examples of how Conflicted Comrade's friend's parents control every aspect of her life]

12:28 - Y - Sent in by Diane, from Yahoo Answers user Jared Ancharski, who asks:

I got arrested for smoking weed, n my court date is soon if i come into court in a karate uniform am i good?

will the judge make my punishment lenient since he knows i do karate

Additional details: since they know i do karate they'll know i do other activities besides chill around n smoke so will that help or no

20:38 - I'm a 20 year old male. Last fall I started dating a wonderful young lady. She's eighteen years old now, and a senior in high school. I couldn't be happier, but lately there's been an issue - she refuses to go to prom. Brothers, I never imagined I'd have another chance to go to a high school dance. I can't let this bizarre opportunity slip through my fingers. What can I do to convince her that bringing her 20-year-old boyfriend to the big dance is a great idea? -- Bummed In Bloomington

29:13 - You often discuss why a customer should not ask out an employee, but you never talk about the reverse. Can the employee of a restaurant ask out a customer? If so, how does one do this properly? -- Wondering In Whitewall

34:49 - MZ - Sponsored by Mob Rules Games. Sponsored by Extreme Restraints.

43:21 - Money Zone jingle

44:40 - Y - Sent in by Katie Bartholomew, from Yahoo Answers user Lumpy Space Princess, who asks:

I ordered a pizza 45 minutes ago and it still hasn't arrived, should I call the police?

52:18 - After almost a year and a half of background investigations, medical and psychological examinations, and mountains of paperwork, I'll finally be starting police academy this July. I'm very excited to be starting my career in law enforcement. I've already started running every day and mentally psyching myself up. Is there any advice the brothers McElroy could give me? -- Soon To Be P.O.

59:45 - Y - Sent in by Earl Parsons, from Yahoo Answers user Gabby, who asks:

What do i say when i touch his dick?

i wantto be confident should i say something like omg its big or should i say that or what? an after i touch it what do we do? its like seven inches so thats y i would say its big

63:50 - I'm from Sydney, Australia, and soon the LFL (the Lingerie Football League) is coming to town. Is that a bad choice to take a girl on a date to? -- Guy

67:50 - Housekeeping

68:57 - FY - Sent in by Steven Sweet, from Yahoo Answers user Julius, who asks:

Where can I buy the 2004 movie Catwomam?

Quotes Edit

On Tempura Face Edit

You're gonna love my files and folders.
— Griffin

On Extreme Restraints Edit

Oh no... my nipple clamps just broke.
— Griffin
Are you trying to live the chastity lifestyle? Oh, they've got you covered over at They've got so many cages for your dick, you'll think it's Shawshank Redemption up in this piece. It's amazing.
— Justin
Let's get that kickstarted!"
"And let's get that dick started!
— Justin & Travis

On Spaceship Lingerie Football Edit

Griffin, would you be more inclined to watch a Lingerie Football League if the teams were coached by a hologram of the late Vince Lombardi."
"I mean, probably Travis. Would I be more entertained by it if it all took place on a space ship? What if when you went to it you got a million dollars for free. Would I be interested in going? Yeah, probably. What if while I was there they gave me pizzas with lasagna
inside the crust? Yeah, Trav, I'd probably be down with that. Oh, if just by going my vertical leap gets a foot better? Yeah, I think I could probably get interested in going to something like that. Oh, I can live forever with these LFL tickets; I sure am glad I bought these! Jesus is back, everyone! Sure am glad I went to this Lingerie Football League... game. This event. Sorry sweetheart, you'd be stupid not to come with me to this LFL game, they let you replace your parts with cyborg parts. Bye, forever! Got jet boots! Stupid...
— Travis & Griffin

Trivia Edit

  • Origin episode of "am I good?"

Deep Cuts Edit

  • At the end of the police question, Travis mentions the names of several characters from the Police Academy franchise.

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