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"Roker Poker" was originally released on August 6, 2012.


Things get awfully real in this week's episode. There's really not a plethora of questions, actually: Just a few deep, deep dives into matters of the heart that will likely touch you. Right on the heart.

Suggested Talking Points

Olympic Orgy, Swingers, Squeaky Greg, Smell Shirt, Fault Tart, A 25-Minute Treatise on Nerd Shame


10:27 - I really want to take a swing dance course with my boyfriend, but he is vehemently opposed to the idea. I'm sure it's because he's embarrassed or afraid to look stupid or uncoordinated in public. How can I convince him to get over his fear of looking silly and dance with me? -- Dancing By Myself

18:16 - Y - Sent in by Spumy, from Yahoo Answers user D S, who asks:

How to collect my scent for gf?
I'm going off to college, and I want to give my girlfriend some of my pheromones to remember me by. I also want them to last. What's the best way to do this? I have two ideas:
1. Go on a run in an undershirt, then put the shirt in a bag and the freezer. I could do this multiple times, no? Should I shower without anti-perspirent before the run?
2. Sleep in an undershirt for a couple days. Presumably I should shower before this too.
I'm extremely healthy in terms of diet and exercise, so I know my sweat should be pretty pure. Don't tell me I'm weird, I already know.

24:12 - Hey, I've had a crush on a girl for a few months now and just asked her out yesterday. She said that she was flattered, but she doesn't think the relationship would be for her. So my question is should I continue being her friend and pursue a relationship later, or just try to move on? We are in our early twenties. -- Crushed By The Crush


Heyyyy griffin (Louie Zong)

33:59 - Animated by Louie Zong.

33:51 - MZ - Personal message from Cody. Personal message from Ben Gordon. Sponsored by Squarespace. Sponsored by Funding Hunter.

40:26 - Hey, my coworker is trying to get me to play Magic the card game, but I don't think my street cred can handle it. Got any suggestions? -- Too Cool For Cards

66:13 - Housekeeping

68:18 - FY - Sent in by Christian, from Yahoo Answers user Jorge, who asks:

How can I make my penies longer?



  • Al Roker got his revenge on the McElroy brothers in Episode 400.

Deep Cuts[]

  • The brothers make a series of references to the TV show LOST while talking about board games.

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