"Blast My Cache" was originally released on October 29, 2012.

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Ya'll ready to get SPOOKED? It's like an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark up in this piece, only way, way scarier, and way, way less Canadian.

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MBMBM, Ghost Realtor, EMF Reviews, The Elder Jeffert, Ghostholes, Spooky Believer, Ghost President

Outline[edit | edit source]

07:30 - When looking for a new apartment I asked the realtor if the house I was looking at was haunted. She said she isn't legally allowed to talk about that. Is that code for "yes?" It makes me nervous, because I get the vibe that Virginia can be pretty haunted. -- Gmail

22:22 - Y - Sent in by Kieran Devlin, from Yahoo! Answers user Muck Rakers Local #227, who asks:[Note 1]

My uncle Jeffert says his TRAILER PARK HOME is haunted, can TRAILERS even be haunted?
What kind of low class ghost sticks around a fifth wheel for eternity? This is the right catergory for this question right? Ghosts go in Spirituality?

The EMF Sensor that Justin found on Amazon, as mentioned in-episode.

30:53 - Hey, I've got a question. For the longest time I've been a person of logic, and as such have always thought the people around me are complete idiots for believing things like ghosts, spirits, spiritual energy, and karma. How can I put aside my judgy feelings to put on an empathetic smile for people who get swept away in the magic, or can I somehow be convinced that this stuff is plausible? -- That's My Trunks

36:04 - MZ - Sponsored by Audible, Extreme Restraints.

40:55 - Y - Sent in by Steve Lewis, from Yahoo! Answers user High School Musical Lover, who asks:

How do I become a ghost without dying?
I want to become a ghost to creep out my friends but I do not want to die because that might hurt. Any suggestions?

46:14 - Guys, my supervisor at work spends a fair amount of time of her weekends doing what she refers to as paranormal investigating. I can tell she's deeply into it because she frequently listens to episodes of shows like Ghost Hunters at our semi-boring office job, and then misses out on social gatherings to spend time in allegedly haunted buildings. I don't feel comfortable telling someone who is one step removed from my boss that something that she spends her free time engaged in is totally BS, but I also feel it's a disservice to reality to allow her to continue believing such a delusion. How would you tackle this situation? -- Bemused In Boise, Idaho

49:38 - Okay, I draw a web comic (I know, I know, lame). It's about ghost hunting and bounty hunters, and it's called (wait for it) Bounty Haunters. Now, I myself am a skeptic, don't buy into the whole "oh god, I don't know what it was, therefore it must be a dead guy" thing, but I love ghost stories. My question is this: what's the scariest place for a ghost to show up, and what would you do if you saw one in said location. In drawing the comic, I have idea after idea that I come up with, but then I decide that it's too Scooby-Doo (theme parks, museums, hospitals). Where would the brothers McElroy most not want to meet up with a scary boo-boo, and/or what is your favorite ghost story?

55:50 - Housekeeping

59:59 - FY - Sent in by Nicole Thompson, from Yahoo! Answers user Michael F, who asks:

Shooting a Ghost, do u think it could work?

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On Web Comics[edit | edit source]

“That's not lame. Web comics are like 80% of our demographic. We have to keep our web comic artists happy. I would rather alienate white people at this point.”
— Justin

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  1. The title goof appears in this section.

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