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"Monday Morning Duffy" was originally released on September 9, 2013.


This week's episode is a return to form for MBMBaM, as we explore in-depth the exploits of our favorite TGIF actors, and then talk about Pokemon for 15 straight minutes. (Pokemon is the new Horses/Ghosts.)

Suggested Talking Points

Terrible Things, Imaginary Volleyball, The Cape, Jackson Galaxy, Disciplinary Pizza, Duffycast


04:48 - I'm about to start announcing girls volleyball games. What are some calls I can give to pump up the crowd? -- Priming To Pump In Castle Rock, CO

10:52 - Y - Sent in by Julie Kinn, from Yahoo Answers user Casey Chery, who asks:

What to wear with a black cape? I bought it ages ago, so I can't really find a picture for you. It has one tab fastening like [a pic of what a cape fastener looks like]. No, it doesn't have a collar. It doesn't look right with anything other than tank tops, but it's getting colder and I want to find something warmer to wear under it. What would be the best color thing to wear with it?

17:56 - So I'm a 21-year-old guy in college, and I just adopted my first pet. It's a cat named Leonardo DiCattio. He's cool, but he's extremely bitey all the time. When he's happy, when he's sad, when he's playful - whatever, he bites the crap out of you. He's only six months old, so I'm hoping he'll grow out of this, but he is huge for his age so he hurts a lot more than he means to. Should I start discouraging him when he bites? Will he grow out of it? Is it possible my cat is just an asshole? -- Tim McVicor

25:40 - MZ - Sponsored by Warby Parker. Sponsored by Hulu. Personal message from Travis (Mark's brother). Advertisement for Jordan Jesse Go.

33:18 - Y - Sent in by Alex Rich, from "Yahoo Mystery Nights" user Mark, who asks:

Cool one or two word quotes?

44:22 - Housekeeping

48:33 - FY - Sent in by Alex Rich, from Yahoo Answers user Hector, who asks:

Hi, I'm Hector Guerrero Lara and I wanted to know at what age do I tell my son the truth about Santa?



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