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"Audio Billboards" was originally released on January 20, 2015.


This is primo stuff! Tell me you're getting this, Henry! Tell me those mics are hot! We're leaving money on the table, Henry! You're missing it! You're missing it!

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Pizza Break, Pet Messes, Caterpillar Mysteries, Haunted Doll Watch, Sneaky Cheese, Sexy Greens, Emergency Arrow Texts


06:26 - In my neighborhood (outskirts of Pittsburgh) a lot of people own dogs but must not pick up after them because there are turds everywhere. Once I even saw an owner let their dog drop a hot one, and then just continue on their way. I did not know what to say, and I was scared of confronting them. Is there a good way to confront someone if I catch them in the (lack of) act again? -- Dodging Doo-Doo In Pittsburgh

12:15 - Y - Sent in by Drew Davenport, from Yahoo Answers user James, who asks:

Level 862 YaDrew Sha

When a caterpillar is making a cacoon. Does it know its going to become a butterfly? Or just like wtf am I doing with my life?

17:17 - Haunted Doll Watch

25:12 - My boyfriend doesn't eat cheese, not even on his pizza. He is not lactose intolerance or allergic; he just doesn't eat it. Needless to say, mealtime in our household can be quite difficult. How do I get him in the embrace of the wonderful food that is cheese? -- Cheese Please In Pittsburgh

30:29 - MZ - Sponsored by MeUndies. Sponsored by Blue Apron. Personal message from Frankenkitty. Personal message from Alex. Advertisement for PopRocket.

41:24 - Y - Sent in by Drew Davenport, from a suspended Yahoo Answers user, who asks:

The Best, The Best,

Poll: Who is the sexiest Green guy?

Cause I am bored. :D

Enzo Matrix from Reboot for me. -Sighs- Hunky. :D


Open to men as well.......

47:51 - What times are acceptable for text messaging a friend or family member? While I won't think of calling someone during traditional sleepy hours, I find myself sending text messages regardless of the time of day or night. No one complains, but wonder if I should restrict my texting to the same hours I restrict my non-emergency phone calls. -- Terrible Texter In Minnesota

53:23 - Housekeeping

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60:12 - FY - Sent in by Drew Davenport, from Yahoo Answers user Brie Bella And Nik, who asks:

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Question about the tv show small wonder was Vicky a doll with someone doing her voice or was she a real human?


On Terrifying Metamorphoses[]

“Caterpillars don't got Siri!”
— Griffin


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