"Bro's Better, Bro's Best Ch. 62- 71" was originally released on March 30, 2015 at 8:18 AM.

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With Justin moving to an entirely new residence this week, we've compiled another best-of episode for you to reminisce over. Remember the good times? Remember Skulljockeying? Because, like, we don't remember saying this stuff at all.

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07:20 - Giant Scott Bakula

13:30 - Earth Girls are Easy and in Submarines

17:15 - Capri Sun on my Jam-Jams

18:18 - Ladyzoo

20:40 - Ghostbustin'

24:40 - Beaches, The Book of the Movie

27:30 - Cool Urinal Usage

41:54 - Spanking Parties

XX:10 - Horse Quotes

52:40 - Dean's Office Sex

54:08 - Baby Law

57:13 - Tree Sex

61:59 - Screaming Nursery

64:27 - A Text from Our Dad

65:44 - Skulljockey

69:28 -F- Did you ever guest star on The Golden Girls?

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  • Travis put together this compilation (Episodes 62-71) from the "Golden Age" of MBMBAM.
  • 4:19 Travis talks about how his new tattoo "hurt like a mother," but he did not cry.
  • 5:02 Griffin has a claim on Travis' ribs. If they are ever stranded in a life or death situation, Griffin is allowed to eat his amazing delicious ribs.
  • Travis' tattoo was was done by @jinxville

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  • 5:28 Link to Travis' tweet about his tattoo design