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"The Najimy Museum" was originally released on October 26, 2015.


This episode is the spookpocalypse. You can listen to it if you want, but we can’t be held responsible for the frights, chills and spills that come next. We will tap into fear-centers that you didn’t even know you had up in your brain. We’re the kings of Halloween, and your timid hearts are our domain.

Suggested Talking Points

Mummyrat, Sexy Ideas, Rat-Based Economy, Celebratory Heroin, True Spook, Najimy Shedding, Failed Costumes, Don’t Touch, Penis Museum, What Babies Crave, Death Man, Megalodon Problems, Batkush


Travis' Dexter costume, as mentioned in-episode

07:09 - My birthday is on Halloween, so could you wish me a happy birthday? -- Timothy Johns

07:22 - What is the least sexy "sexy-____" costume somebody could wear? -- October Namechange

07:32 - What's the worst sexy costume possible? -- Christian

09:30 - Should you eat all the good candy first, or save the best for last? -- Carissa

10:27 - Witch cursed me with revolting rhythms - what does that mean and how is it cured? -- Buick

10:49 - I will be gone Halloween night, but I still want to leave out candy. How can I be sure that nobody just steals the whole bowl? -- James

12:18 - I don't get off work 'til after eleven on Halloween. Is that officially too late to engage in spookery? -- Brendan

13:05 - How do I make glasses work with my costume? I don't have contacts. -- Doctor G

16:14 - What Halloween costumes did you have high hopes for that turned out terrible? -- Jake

21:13 - Which MBMBaM classic goof would make the best costume? -- Drew Davenport

21:37 - If a trick-or-treater asks for glutin-free and/or peanut-free, can I slam the door on them? -- Zach

22:19 - What's the protocol on touching trick-or-treaters as a part of my costume/gimmick whenever they ring the doorbell? -- John

23:38 - What's the worst Halloween costume-related goof/disaster you've had? -- Jonathan's Monster [Addressed at 25:37]

23:50 - My friends are celebrating Halloween as couples. They're all in relationships, and want me to go. Should I? I'm single. -- Arrogant Wanderer

32:25 - MZ - Sponsored by Me Undies and Blue Apron. Personal message from Past Jas. Personal message from Turbo Lady.

45:20 - Y - Sent in by Zoe Kinsky, from Yahoo Answers user Jarmoush[1], who asks:

Climbing That Ladder

Silly, irrational fears and how to overcome them?

I can't remember when I first found out about this fear, but it feels like I've been suffering from it for years. If it was rational it would be ok...but its far from rational.

Basically I am absolutely terrified/disturbed/repulsed by the extinct shark called megalodon. No, not great whites or any living shark...just the long dead fish.

It wasn't a huge problem as I could avoid seeing/hearing anything about the creature pretty easily - that is until I went to SC and there was a skeleton recast there and THAT was enough to get me to weeping. My friends even after explaining it to them, found this hilarious and have since been sending me "funny" megalodon pictures anyway they can despite it frightening the hell out of me.

They say its a stupid fear and I need grow up and I know they are right but that doesn't stop the hysterics, the panic or tears, or the nightmares.

How can I overcome this? I feel like the more exposure I get to the extinct animal the more hypersensitive I become.

50:27 - Y - Sent in by Rachel Spurling, from Yahoo Answers user MotherGreen, who asks:

Game Recognize Game

What would Batman think of marijuana? Would he look down on people who use it? This is like a random question that popped in my head. ( also I'm bored)
Like what would he think of people with anxiety using It? Or any other medical condition?

55:07 - Housekeeping

60:21 - FY - Sent in by Drew Davenport, from "Yadrew Answers" user Sharmous[2], who asks:

Level 9000 YaDrew Dr

Coffe it s become the man soul's fuel?



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