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"Beanfreak" was originally released on May 8, 2017.


We don't know about you, but we're still feeling that post-Derby glow. Seeing all those big, magnificent animals do their best out on that sloppy, sloppy track has prepared us for whatever life has to throw at us this week. GOD, horses are good.

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Creamy Dream, Collaberal, Horrible Triangles, Foot Locker Strategy Guide, Houseboats, Batman's Very Tight Suit, Mindfreak Magic Kit


10:11 - At dinner with my in-laws the other night, I found about a vacation package they had purchased off the internet and were inviting myself and my S.O. to join them. A simple Google search led me to find the package was likely a scam, and that the company behind it had a long list of scam complaints in the past. My question though is, what's the best way to tell a friend or love one they have been scammed without making them feel stupid or angry or ruining their vacation. I feel guilty for not telling them, but also don't want them to go on their vacation and let them get scammed anyway. -- Scammed by Scoundrels in Sydney

15:39 - Munch Squad - Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chips

23:12 - Y - Sent in by Tristan Hyatt, from Yahoo Answers user Reggie[1], who asks:

(WIERD QUESTION) how do you shop at footlocker?
Yeah... I've never understood it. Where do they keep the actual shoes do you have to talk to an employee? I hope this question doesn't seem dumb lol. I've kinda been in one for like 2 minutes and felt out of place. I saw a few boxes but I just left after that.

34:34 - MZ - Sponsored by Lyft, Sponsored by ProFlowers, Advertisement for Beef and Dairy Network

48:17 - Do you think living on a houseboat would be as fun as it sounds? -- Landlocked in Illinois

51:25 - Y - Sent in by Zoe Kinsky, from Yahoo Answers user Keef[2], who asks:

Riding High

Riddle me this Batman. How can you find out if you were breast fed without asking anyone in your family?
Batman jokes aside, how can you find out if you were breast fed without asking anyone in your family?

56:47 - The other day my boyfriend went thrift shopping on his day off from work. When he got home, I asked him if he found anything good. He said he had, and proceeded to show me a Criss Angel: Mindfreak magic kit. I really like this guy. What do I do?

63:32 - Y - Sent in by Morgan Davy, from Yahoo Answers user Cream Dream[3], who asks:

Keep It Wavy

Did Arthur (from the cartoon) ever go to a funeral in the show??



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