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"Griffy Griffy Bang Bang" was originally released on November 4, 2019.


In which we realize the scope of our commitment in promising to send a horse to college, and then determine an extremely powerful and highly lucrative name for the aforementioned horse.

Suggested Talking Points

Halloween Delay, Candy Potluck, Happy Birthday Ronald, Medicine Blintz, We’re Sending a Horse to College, Ding Dong Speed Strats, Car Expertise


00:45 - Intro - Griffin is in the Halloween Zone. Justin wants to postpone Halloween and drink Coke Zero. The brothers accidentally write The Nightmare Before Christmas again.

07:24 - I baked some salted caramel brownies for clout and to make my coworkers like me more, but when I walked in this morning, I saw someone had already put a big bowl of candy in the break room. Brothers, what do I do? Should I put the brownies out today and have them possibly be overshadowed by the candy, or save them until tomorrow, where they'll be more specially appreciated, but risk them going stale? - Brownnose Brownies

12:53 - Y - Sent in by Emma Kantt, from Yahoo! Answers user Ramiro, who asks:

Happy birthday Ronald Mcdonald, the clown turns 56. What would you tell him?

19:47 - Justin goes on a tangent about McDonaldland lore.

23:32 - I work in an office and I have run out of paid time off for the year. I was planning on faking sick in a few weeks in order to visit my significant other in another city. However, the holiday party for my very small office has been scheduled for the day I would travel to visit her. Should I RSVP to the party in order to make sudden fake sickness more believable, or do I say I'm not going to save them the extra food/money, thereby casting down on my absence the next day? - Conflicted in Chicago

30:08 - MZ - Sponsored by ZipRecruiter, Quip. Advertisement for The Adventure Zone: Graduation.

34:50 - For a MaxFun stretch goal, Griffin, Justin, and Travis are sending a horse to college. They spend forever trying to name it and finally settle on Worldwide Webster.

42:31 - Y - Sent in by Emma Kantt, from Yahoo! Answers user Worldwide Webster, who asks:

How can I play ding dong ditch without getting caught?
I need some tips on how to not get caught by the police doing this. Does anyone have any tips or advice ??

48:17 - Recently my boss's boss had a flat tire in our parking garage and I volunteered to help change it. Then someone in our apartment needed their car jumped, so again I volunteered. These two events happened within the same week and I've since been labeled "the car guy" in the office. A different person is looking at buying a new car and was told I was the car guy. This person asked me if I would go with him to look at cars. What do I do? I don't know anything about cars? - Yup, It's the Lug Nut

55:12 - Housekeeping

57:28 - FY - Sent in by Freddy, from Yahoo! Answers user Crowlordem, who asks:

Do I legally own my baby teeth?



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