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"Face 2 Face: The Pepsi Proposal" was originally released on April 27, 2020.


Hey, this is a weird one! For one thing, it’s a live show, which is a strange thing to listen to. For another thing, it’s a selection of bits from two different performances aboard the JoCo Cruise, so it’s a little patchwork-y and disjointed. We’ll be back with a regular ep next week!


00:45 - Intro - Griffin introduces the episode

01:40 - I run an after-school fantasy LARP for 8-12 year-olds, and I write the story and play all the major NPCs that the characters encounter. The problem is that I am not a very intimidating person, so even when I try to portray an appropriately scary villain, the kids tend to always think, "We can take them," and mob me. Brothers, how can I strike fear into the hearts of gamer children? - Kora

03:56 - Y - Sent in by Adrian Cowles, from an anonymous Yahoo Answers user who Griffin calls "Aquaman," who asks:[Note 1]

How did the first parents know how to take care of their children? ?

07:27 - Haunted Doll Watch - Melissa Tangible - Pure evil tangible, physical doll. Though a tangible doll, she was neither human or non-human. She is neither female or male.

12:36 - My boyfriend says "Bless you" after I cough. This makes me feel very uncomfortable. How can I get him to stop? - "Bless You" in Boston

15:20 - Y - Sent in by several people, from Yahoo Answers user Negotiator, who asks:

What exactly is a gravy train?

19:40 - Y - Sent in by Adrian Cowles, from Yahoo Answers user blue foxsocks, who asks:

I wish hot salad existed. Anyone else?

24:00 - MZ - Sponsored by Harry's and Honey. MaxFun is doing an ad survey. Advertisement for Triple Click.

31:10 - Y - Sent in by Adrian Cowles, from Yahoo Answers user blue foxsocks, who asks:

Do pizza chefs ever hate their creations?
Say a pizza chef really hated putting pineapple on pizza, would they be ashamed of making that pizza if it was ordered? Would they even have pineapple on the menu? Or would they suck it up?

34:15 - While grocery shopping recently, I gave in to temptation and threw a box of Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreos in my cart.[Note 2] Two aisles later, I shed the rest of my dignity and ripped open the packaging. Then, anytime I was alone in an aisle, I would pop one in my mouth. I made it to the checkout line, and when the teenage cashier got to the open package of Oreos, they exclaimed, "Wow! You must have been hungry." Before I could finish paying, they then commented that their dad would have never opened snacks in the store and I must be a cool dad. I am a childless 25-year-old man. How do I atone for my voyeuristic Oreo-eating behaviors, or have I been punished enough?

38:59 - Y - Sent in by approximately every living human being on the planet, from an anonymous Yahoo Answers user who Griffin calls "Jammvus," who asks:

Horse funeral supplies?
Where can I buy horse funeral supplies?

40:27 - How do I get my coworkers to compliment me on my leftovers? One of my coworkers often gets compliments on the leftovers he brings for lunch, like "Ooh, that looks good," and "Mm, that smells nice," whereas I get none. I pride myself on being a good cook, and I'd like some validation from my peers. How do I make my famous chili look as delicious as it tastes?

44:28 - My mom sends me a lot of things in the mail. She sends me cut-outs from magazines, old bottles, junk mail from my high school. I'm 33 and haven't been back to high school since 2006. Sometimes it's even things that she found around the house that just made her "think of me." And she always puts a little note in the box or letter that says, "Just look at it and then throw it away." I've asked her to stop sending me what is essentially trash, but she won't. Brothers, how do I get my mom to stop turning my mailbox into a garbage can? - Trying to Keep It Clean Kelly

48:16 - Munch Squad - Crystal Pepsi Engagement Ring[Note 3]

54:54 - Housekeeping

57:07 - FY - Sent in by a few people, from Yahoo Answers user Big Frog, who asks:

Who else thought Alvin (Alvin and the Chipmunks) was an asshole?


“Oh God, this is crass, but eh, I'm Travis.”


  1. This Yahoo was also answered in Episode 504.
  2. Let the wiki show that Justin said all of those words right on the first try.
  3. The title goof appears in this section.

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