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"Real Talk Live" was originally released on April 20, 2011.


It's MBMBaM's first live show ever -- and man, what a way to start our on-stage career! Not because we did a particularly good job, but because we very nearly talked about child pornography for a few minutes. We grabbed that bull right by the horns, and we stared at its eyes, and we said, "No, we probably shouldn't talk about child pornography. That's illegal."

Thanks to Jordan, Jesse Go for setting up such a special, intimate night, Dan Telfer for his special, intimate hosting, and every single person who came out to Second City for the show! You guys are, as ever, the cat's 'jamas.


00:40 - Intro - Like Chilean miners... The brothers discuss their goals for their first live show.

04:59 - At my corporate job there was recently a call for suggestions for team-building activities. I proposed paintball, since it is a team game, and can use the products we make (radios) while playing. The boss really liked it; we're going to do it this summer. Here's where I need advice - I actually proposed this idea because it would give me free reign to shoot my coworkers in the dick with paint-balls, potentially consequence-free. Would it be uncouth to go on a dick-shooting rampage at a corporate team-building event, or should I go ahead with my plan of dick destruction because, hey, it's part of the game. -- Eric from Chicago

08:31 - Y - Found by Justin McElroy, from Yahoo! Answers user Carly, who asks:

Where can I hire an ALF impersonator for my Bday Party?
I am going all out this year and throwing myself a Bday Party. Im an ALF Fanatic. I bought my three freinds 3 gifts to give me. An ALF lunchbox, an ALF Alarm Clock, and a the ALF rockstar action figure with guitar and poseable arms. All I need is a ALF impersonator. Where can I find this?

13:34 - I am writing you on behalf of my BFF Ally Bee. Her boyfriend feels really uncomfortable in neckties and bow-ties. He doesn't like to wear them, but still wants to look classy when attending dress-up style events, such as weddings and charity balls. What are some great tie alternatives? -- Jaquis

15:25 - Y - Sent in by Jakob Locker, from Yahoo! Answers user Megan Curtis, who asks:

How can I get back at my mom without putting pizza crust in my butt?
When I'm mad at her, I stick pizza crust in my butt so she will have to take me to the hospital. How can I get back at her without having to do this

18:51 - How do my wife and I convince our eight-year-old son that piano lessons are awesome and not nerdy. When we told him we want him to take piano lessons, he told us that he only knows one kid that takes piano lessons, and that they're a huge liability to his reputation. We want him to inherit the same love of music that our parents gave us. Help us, brothers. -- Musically-Minded in the Mid-West

21:21 - Y - Sent in by Kieran D, from Yahoo! Answers user J Jenkins, who asks:

I have 2 urethras any information?
i just noticed this a few days ago but when i use the restroom i peed 2 different ways and when i pulled my foreskin back and looked at the tip i had 2 completely separate urethras. how common is this and is there any advantages to this? i am 17 y/o male

25:15 - Y - Sent in by Jakob Locker, from Yahoo! Answers user Megan Curtis, who asks:

Why are naked babies socially accepted though other age nudity is not?
Really. I've seen adverts-a-plenty with naked babies/toddlers, but why not other ages. It seems stupid.

27:18 - Y - Found by the McElroy brothers, from Yahoo Answers user "Mark", who asks:

what are some good dodgbeall names for 8th grade girls?
me and some of my friends are in a dodgeball tournament for middle school and we need some names..any ideassss?

29:32 - Housekeeping

30:56 - FY - From Yahoo! Answers user Ziggy Monkey Bob 2000, who asks:

Is it considered cheating if you have sex with someone telepathically?


On an ALF Impersonator[]

“I'm going to throw out: this person has three friends.”
— Travis
“Is this guy going to be able to handle meeting ALF in person? Is this guy going to be able to handle the pressure?”
— Justin
“ALF is his slave name.”
— Justin

On Looking Classy[]

“I think if I see a guy in a bolo tie, I know it’s time to party.”
— Justin


Deep Cuts[]

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