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"Teen Beans" was originally released on August 25, 2020.


We’re plugged in, okay? Obviously. Like, when young folks see us, they know we know what’s up. We’re cooking beans over roaring campfires like, every weekend, so please don’t pretend that we’re not.

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The Jokering, The NCIS Thinking Hat, The 311 Dragnet, Cowboy Parent Shame, Farewell Food Friends, Good-Feeling Body Juice, Products for Wood Enthusiasts

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00:45 - Intro - Batman Watch

09:48 - My boyfriend's birthday is coming up, and he has previously requested a specific hat from a TV show he likes. The problem is: We live together. Because of global pandemic, we are always together. How can I make him a hat without noticing? - Secret Knitter

12:16 - NBC tweeted a reference to the MBMBaM TV show.[1]

14:42 - Now back to the knitting question

16:07 - Under the Table and Phishing - with wild card band 311

22:37 - Y - Sent in by Erin/Aaron, from an anonymous Yahoo!Answers user whom Griffin calls "Deadpool," who asks:[Note 1]

Just when i thought cowboy culture was dead it only seems to be growing agree\disagree?
Growing up my friends were ashamed of their cowboy parents. They refused to dress cowboy'ish and made comments like i hate country music.
But now they are older most of them with families. I noticed now they changed and have accepted the cowboy lifestyle. They now dress in cowboy clothes and listen to country music. Have you noticed this, or is this just something that happened in my city?

31:27 - MZ - Sponsored by, quip. Advertisement for Shmanners.

35:33 - Munch Squad

43:48 - Is there a way to make exercise feel good? Lots of people claim exercise feels good, but I find it actually feels bad when my muscles hurt and it's hard to breathe. Are my endorphins broken? Am I permanently messed up from being the slowest kid in elementary school gym class, or is there some way I can convince myself that exercise for its own sake isn't basically a form of punishment? - Peeved at Pushups in Pasadena

49:45 - WOOD Magazine - Justin reads ad listings for products found in WOOD Magazine

58:44 - FY - Sent in by Adrian Cowles, from an anonymous Yahoo! Answers user whom Griffin calls "Deadpool," who asks:

Is the TMNT movie from 1990 significant?



  1. The title goof appears in this section.

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