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"Ratashootie" was originally released on November 24, 2020.


I guess we’re on that Christmas Creep? I dunno, seems early to us, but we don’t really have much control over the timing.

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Ebeneezer Christmas, Mail Soup, Mrs. Claus, Whoopsie Cheese, Bookervision, Bite Whales, Delicious Drugs Bars

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00:45 - Intro - It's time again for that Christmas Creep. And his name is Ebenezer Christmas.

07:14 - Email - I recently made potato soup and shared some with my neighbor. I put it in a large Mason jar and delivered it to her. She ate the soup, and a few days later, she called me to tell me she put the jar in my mailbox. I was heading to work and didn't check the mailbox. And then, long story short, I didn't remember to check the jar until two days later. It wasn't there, but there was mail. Did the mail carrier steal my Mason jar, and should I leave a note asking for it back? -- Post Purloined in Pennsylvania

14:32 - Y - Sent in by a couple people, from Yahoo! Answers user Skatermomof5, who asks:

What do we really know about Mrs. Claus?



28:20 - Animated by DeepBlueInk

24:05 - Email - I work in the cheese shop of a liquor store and I'm pretty new to the job. Because of this, I will often butcher pieces of cheese to the point we can't sell them. My manager tells me to throw them away, but I always feel like that's such a waste, and would love to take them home with me. How do I casually bring this up to ask if I can take the cheese (proverbially) for free? Or should I just take it anyway?[Note 1] -- Please Help Me Steal This Cheese

30:27 - MZ - Sponsored by quip, DoorDash. Announcement from Jesse Thorn: The annual MaxFun pin sale raised $95,400 for the charity GiveDirectly.

35:31 - Y - Sent in by Ben Kantt from Yahoo! Answers user "Jamesons", who asks:

The Wizard

How do I stop my boyfriend from reading me bedtime stories without hurting his feelings?
My boyfriend started reading me bedtime stories a couple weeks ago. It was a joke at first, because I'd said I wouldn't be able to sleep when I'd downed three coffees that afternoon. The prroblem is he has done it EVERY. NIGHT. SINCE. And he makes terrible mouth noises. I don't even know where they are coming from, it only happens when he's reading out loud! It makes me so irrationally angry and annoyed that it takes me even LONGER to fall asleep than before! I am tired and exhausted but I love this man, please help.[Note 2]

43:00 - Email - My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little under six months. I've only met her family a handful of times, but her mother recently asked me to buy her shrooms. Is it possible I will be doing shrooms with her? How do I make a shroom trip with my girlfriend's mother not an entirely awkward experience? -- This Is Going to Be a Disaster in Denver

51:35 - Housekeeping

54:55 - FY - Sent in by a billion people, from Yahoo! Answers user ?, who asks:

Why do big beautiful men LOVE putting so much seasonings on their food?[Note 3]


“Don't know what none of that does or means it.”
— Griffin


  1. The title goof appears in this section.
  2. This is the first time Griffin has been allowed to read a Yahoo immediately after the Money Zone, without being interrupted, since August 2020, when it happened in Episode 523: Dad's Fat Trash Sack.
  3. This Yahoo was previously answered in Episode 258.

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