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"Shoegaze Mopeytones" was originally released on December 8, 2020.


This week’s episode is chock-full of breaking news alerts, most of which send us spiraling hornily into homemade Home Improvement erotic fiction. I swear to God I’ve written this exact description for an episode before. What is wrong with us?

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Tim on Tim, Fog Machine Hacks, Time on the Clock, Fiction Family, KFC Slater, Psychic Doughnuts  

Ways to support Black Lives Matter and find anti-racism resources:


00:45 - Intro - The 2024 Olympics will feature a team of Tim Allens breakdancing

09:45 - Email - I'm buying a fog machine for my band when shows happen again. I'm excited, but whenever I see a band that has a fog machine, it's always super lame when the band turns on the fog machine and it slowly covers the stage. How do I distract people before the show, when we're dispensing fog?
PS: We are a shoegaze band[Note 1] -- Hazey in Hays

15:15 - Y - Sent in by Graham Roebuck, from Yahoo! Answers user Gary The Human Being, who asks:

As long as you never give up you can’t fail ?
Still time on the clock

23:07 - Email - Since COVID, my mom has been spending LOTS of time writing within the paranormal romance genre. Unbeknownst to her, I have been doing precisely the same thing, except instead of a trilogy of original YA novels, I have been working on a well-received anthology series of fanfiction. When she describes her plots to me, I often find plenty of interesting parallels between my stories and hers. I want to discuss them, but I know she assumes all fanfiction is inherently poorly written and/or pornographic. How can I talk to her about our respective sets of ghost-whispering lovebirds without admitting to such a taboo hobby?[Note 2] -- Sexy Seance in Central Florida

28:28 - MZ - Sponsored by, Squarespace. Advertisement for Can I Pet Your Dog?

33:50 - Munch Squad - Lifetime creating KFC mini-movie, A Recipe for Seduction

42:00 - Y - Sent in by Ellie, from Yahoo! Answers user The Scrunge, who asks:

Could you have a normal relationship with someone who is very, very psychic?
Like they can see everything?
You wonder if anything about you is a mystery? 😞
Oh yes, it has happened me, every day it happens.
Update 2:
That said, not looking for an answer from those who don’t believe it. It’s a real issue I’m dealing with here, from a guy who’s not very open to talking to me about it.
Update 3:
He’s PROVEN he’s psychic ALREADY!
Update 4:
No, he was talking about me eating a donut yesterday, before I even knew my sister bought one at the store for me.
I don’t have donuts every week, so it’s not regular pattern.
Update 5:
“Thinks”, no he IS, there is proof. If you’re in denial about psychics, don’t answer the question.

50:33 - Housekeeping

54:23 - FY - Sent in by Amy, from Yahoo! Answers user Hiram Abiff, who asks:

Let's chill: Do you Christians like V8?



  1. The title goof appears in this section.
  2. Justin references a Yahoo they answered way back in Episode 48.

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