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"A Force Sandwich with Lightsaber Sauce" was originally released on February 1, 2021.


We got secrets! Lots of kinds of secrets. Movie secrets. Food secrets! Outer space secrets. You’re invited to listen in as we divulge these secrets, provided you tell NOBODY about what you learn today.

Suggested Talking Points

Crash Bandicoot Market, Arby’s Walk-in, Matt Damon’s Dookie Potatoes, Jammers, Tuna Mysteries, Star Wars Improvisation

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00:40 - Intro - The McElroy brothers explain the Gamestop short squeeze.

13:26 - Email - I've recently moved into an apartment building next to an Arby's. I love to eat at Arby's, but because of everything going on, they don't allow walk-ins, and you can't walk up to a drive-thru and order. However, last month I saw someone bike through the drive-thru with no problem. I don't have a bike and I don't want to drive my car through the busy road in front of both businesses just for a craving. What's the smallest mode of transportation you think they will allow? -- Meat-Seeking Missile in Michigan

18:30 - Y - Sent in by several people, from Yahoo! Answers user "Tyson", who asks:

If you could travel to mars. . . Who would you travel with and what snacks?

27:20 - Email - Given the recent quarantine, my pajama game has significantly improved. I now sport 3-4 different pairs that I can casually wear around the apartment, go unnoticed on work Zoom calls. They're so comfortable. The thing is, I do need to leave the apartment building sometimes to grab groceries or run a short errand. My girlfriend thinks it's weird that I don't change into normal clothes to do this. What do you think? Can I wear my fancy PJs outside the house for short, local, no driving adventures to the outside world? -- Stefan

32:20 - MZ - Sponsored by Squarespace, Advertisement for FANTI.

36:55 - Munch Squad - Lawsuit Alleging Subway's Tuna Contains No Tuna

45:57 - Trailer - Justin plays the trailer for The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. Use promo code 77777777777777 on Disney+.

49:20 - Y - Sent in by lots of people, from Yahoo! Answers user I'm 12, who asks:

(Star Wars) Do you think the part where Darth Vader told Luke he was his father?
Was part of the script or did actor David Prowse just throw that in and it was soo good that they just wrote the story around it?

55:30 - Housekeeping

58:45 - FY - Sent in by Ben Kantt from Yahoo! Answers user "Suseb", who asks:

The Wizard

Whys is there a section for dogs when there aren't that many dogs who use Yahoo?



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