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"Thorwatch 2011" was originally released on May 9, 2011.


Hope you guys like Thor. We're talking Thor. It's basically all we're about, now. Advice, and also Thor, and sometimes long-since-cancelled television crime dramas. But mostly, just the Thor, thanks.

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Loki Love, Willpower, Party Avoidance, PB Proboscis, Minigolf Kidnapping, Tantric Relief, C'mon and Graduate, Cold Case, Yabba-Dabba Divorced


00:40 - Intro - Thorwatch 2011, the brothers are very excited about Thor, even if Griffin isn't quite sure what it is.

02:01 - A few weeks ago, I asked out a female friend (a classmate of mind). She said she thought it would be best to just be friends, but we've stayed pretty close, and have had a couple of double-dates (as she called them) with a couple we know. I started actively pursuing a relationship with her after she gave me the "just friends" line, but we've still kept up the flirty/playful banter. We text each other very often; she sends me messages like "I love you" after I've said something particularly considerate or funny. For what it's worth, she's going to prom with a friend of mine who likes her, but she doesn't feel the same about him. Obviously I'm still attracted to her, but I don't really want to try anything just to get shot down or ruin our relationship with flirting. What's her deal, and how should I respond? -- Confused in Carolina

06:28 - How do you turn down a birthday invite when you know the party will be lame. It's not for a few weeks, so an excuse would seem weird. -- Actionale on Twitter

10:43 - Y - Sent in by Krista Whalen, from Yahoo! Answers user Raven Anna Lolita, who asks:

How can i lose weight off of my hands?
I need to get to the peanutbutter and the bottom of the jar that the knife wont get but my hands are getting too big so i need to make them smell and i cant cut my fingers off cuz i need em to scoop up the peanut butter

16:16 - I'm heading to a friend's bachelor party for a weekend of food, fun, fine beverages, and frivolity. Plan on driving out with a friend of mine who lives in town, since the party is two hours away. The only problem is that the party starts pretty early in the morning (we're playing mini-golf at 9) and now the friend I'm driving with refuses to wake up early enough to get us there on time. I would really like to be there for the whole party, since the groom is a good friend of mine and I'm sure it will be a good time. With rising gas prices, it would be an expensive weekend to drive alone. How can I make it to the party on time? -- Worrisome In Wisconsin

20:27 - Last night I ordered delivery from a local eatery. When the food showed up, it happened to be delivered by a friend of mine who I met this semester. We chatted a bit, and I wondered what I was supposed to do for a tip. It's weird tipping a friend, because it's like paying them for hanging out. Am I supposed to tip more because he's a friend? What do I do if this situation arises again? -- Ben

23:37 - Y - Sent in by Haley Keller, from Yahoo! Answers user Iggy Is Being Constantly Reported Thanks, who asks:

Do you hate people who URINATE LOUDLY?
I am listening to it right now, and it's taking all I have not to start shouting at them to "piss quietly" as I know that would sound strange and I don't feel like I should be judging or trying to control the way people urinate when they are presumably relaxing and doing something private but it is just a peeve you might say ?
I can't stand the noise when it happens to me so I can't understand people who urinate so loud that it sounds like the roof is going to cave in from water pressure..
I don't mean normal urinating btw, I mean LOUD. Yes I realise this question is weird lol

28:05 - MZ - Personal Message from Allison Borgis

30:45 - Money Zone Jingle - Sung by Justin

34:00 - I'm a pretty renowned writer in my neck of the woods, so I often have people run up to me in the street, shove a manuscript into my hand, and breathlessly explain theirs might be the next great American novel with a little help from me. I usually decline, but when one of my best-est buddies asked me to read his own work, I couldn't refuse. My question for you guys: how do I let my friend know that he sucks and just penned a pile of shit, without saying it like that? Also, he's a little dyslexic. -- Feeling Preemptively Shitty In Chicago

39:23 - Y - Sent in by Golly Aolly, from a deleted Yahoo! Answers user, who asks:

What is a awesome wedding theme?
Jamaca. Lion king. New york. Asia. E.T.C.

45:40 - Housekeeping

49:13 - FY - Sent in by Scatterheart, from Yahoo! Answers user Down To Earth, who asks:

Where can i find Adult race car bed?



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