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Extreme Restraints was a frequent sponsor on The Money Zone, with well over 50 sponsored episodes (over $10,000 of investment), including one during Candlenights, and at one point representing 36% of all total sponsorships. They are merchants of fantasy.

The coupon codes used on the show were continually leaked to coupon aggregator sites, so the brothers had to change the code frequently:

Notable Products[]

  • An attachment you can put on a drill with a soft rubber tip (To prevent accidental drilling)
  • Candle-holding belt
  • A peripheral for making your kielbasa sausages bigger
  • A ball you can put in your mouth to prevent yourself from saying something stupid
  • A whole leather mask that looks like a dog
  • Leash for a person (gag prop)
  • A safety cage for your privates so dogs can't bite them
  • Cat-o-nine-tails specifically for non-sexual punishment
  • Carpool Buddy
  • Skinny cucumber juicer
  • Special douche for chronic constipation.
  • Plugs for chronic diarrhea
  • Fun Swing for adults
  • Lube for getting your hand out of the cookie jar
  • Boy Butter (for your English muffins)
  • Upsetting Harry Potter Wand
  • A Electroshock Paddle That Goes On Your Balls
  • A Ghost You Can Fuck Every Night
  • A Sexual Fishtank
  • All The Good Chicken-Pot Pie Recipes (On The Forums)
  • Impression paddle with the word slut written on it

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