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"Freaky Funday" is a Maximum Fun Network special Donors-only episode, originally released on May 3, 2021.


It's time for MaxFunDrive 2021! Welcome to MBMBaM Elysescyaype, an alternate universe where your favorite brothers swap bits and have a freaky good time.

Suggested Talking Points

Gretsky Wine, I Would Enjoy a Munch, Beetle Bailey Love Bible, Who is Enemies with Marco Rubio, Janice will Fuck You Up


01:11 - Intro - Welcome to the Elysescyaype universe where the brothers have all swapped bits.

03:20 - Monthly Observances

06:05 - Minion Quotes - Spoiler: if you know you know

13:45 - Subway Hacks

18:05 - Haunted Doll Watch -

25:20 - Reach for the Stars - Spoiler: image of the second product

33:03 - That's a Baseball to Me

38:30 - Celebrity Wine: Why Not?

44:55 - Munch Squad -

50:10 - Riddle Me Piss

56:35 - Housekeeping



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