Haunted Doll Watch is a Running Goof on MBMBaM where the brothers discuss submitted listings of Haunted Dolls for sale.

The segment is usually initiated & read by Justin McElroy.

Episodes which feature a Haunted Doll Watch Edit

  • Episode 443: Face 2 Face: Apple Time!
  • Episode 439: Face 2 Face: Candlenights 2018
  • Episode 432: Hand Dog and Face Cat
  • Episode 430: Scare's Swamp Thing A-boo-t Scary
  • Episode 425: Bigfoot Meat
  • Episode 423: Face 2 Face: The Bigfoot Whistle
  • Episode 419: Some Good JPEGs of my Favorite Matrix Characters
  • Episode 416: Face 2 Face: Haunted Doll Cinematic Universe
  • Episode 394: Face 2 Face: I Fritos Hard
  • Episode 381: Face 2 Face: Griffin's Big, Brave Stunt
  • Episode 377: Face 2 Face: One Great Potato!
  • Episode 359: Tumnus Opportunities
  • Episode 345: Face 2 Face: Candlenights in September
  • Episode 329: The Laser Tag Embassy
  • Episode 296: Shower Boys
  • Episode 295: Goofbusters II
  • Episode 294: Goofbusters
  • Episode 267: Face 2 Face: Target Conditioning
  • Episode 252: Face 2 Face: Sock Detectives
  • Episode 243: Lenny Kravitz Marinara Breast Milk
  • Episode 240: Teen Google (timestamp 00:46:43)
  • Episode 236: Chobani Hell (timestamp 00:39:20)
  • Episode 235: Audio Billboards (timestamp 00:17:17)

Featured Haunted Dolls Edit

  • Alicia (featured in Episode 236) - a horrifically burned, naked baby doll. Found at the remains of a house fire in 1997 in New York on Christmas Eve. According to Justin, her story "seem[s] batshit".
  • Ruth (featured in Episode 240) - a healing spirit; given to Michelle by her mother many years ago. Houses the spirit of a 17-year-old who froze to death in the early 1900's, during her travels. Ruth is a very active and present spirit. Made of alabaster (according to Griffin).
  • Baby (2015 bonus episode) - found in the attic of a murder house, in two old boxes (one of which was lead). According to the seller, Baby "is creepy as hell and I want her gone". Came from a house with super cool hand-hewed beams.
  • Freida/Katy (featured in Episode 243) - a needy/demanding spirit, who had a difficult life. Cost 150 American dollars. According to Griffin, she is "sort of a double whammy". In Justin's opinion, "Freida can fuck off, but Katy is cool."
  • Jeanie (featured in Episode 252) - an only child, born to an alliterative working family. Died in a plane crash, although the doll may have been lying (according to the brothers, her story is "too cool", so she probably died climbing a tree or something). Will get into your makeup. Wears a bonnet so people don't make fun of her hair.
  • Ava (featured in Episode 267) - a powerful witch, as untameable as the wind. Very independent; do not try to tie this haunted doll down! According to Travis, she looks like Geena Davis in Beetlejuice.
  • Mary (featured in Episode 294) The most positive haunted doll on the planet. Lightly haunted and porcelain with a very uplifting and amazing backstory. Met her demise in automobile accidents (Multiple.) Best known for projecting lavender orbs throughout your house in the early hours of the morning. ‘’The Bulbasaur of Haunted dolls,’’ according to Griffin.
  • Gretchen (featured in Episode 295) A spoiled rich girl with a stubborn and very determined personality that the seller is not comfortable with. Likes to hover over people when they’re in bed. 16 FEET TALL.
  • Samantha (featured in Episode 329) Found after someone's Grandma passed away, as all haunted dolls must legally be. Plays music. Shoots healing white light out of her eyes. Sold as a doll for entertainment purposes because Ebay ''forbids the sale of inanimate objects.''

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Trivia Edit

  • Madame Christine never adopted a spirit that was demonic. She would never expose her other spirit vessels to that. She had a way of knowing who was trouble, and she would not bring them home.[1]
  • A haunted Admiral Ackbar action figure would not be scary, but only if he was haunted by Admiral Ackbar (according to Travis).[2]
  • According to Justin, you shouldn't poke holes in a haunted doll, because it is trapping a demon spirit and "you may- probably want to keep those enclosed".[3]
  • Travis does a flawless haunted outfit impression.[4]
  • Scary Gross is actually, like, a really tight name for whoever takes Elvira's place. (JustkiddingElvirawillliveforever).[5]
  • All spirits take on a special vessel to claim as their home until the point that they cross over to the other side. This may take months, or thousands of years.[6]
  • There is no rhyme or reason for what goes on in the Spirit World. (However, Griffin believes this assertion might be "some racist shit".)[7]

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