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Haunted Doll Watch is a segment where Justin reads auction listings of haunted dolls for the brothers to discuss.[1]

Featured Dolls[]

  • Episode 235
    • (0:17:17) - What to Expect From Your Haunted Doll
    • (0:23:21) - Demonic Clown Doll - Evil, pure evil! This spirit vessel used to be friendly, with an Eeyore the Donkey-like personality, but one day something changed.
  • Episode 236 (0:39:20) - Alicia - A horrifically burned, naked baby doll. Found at the remains of a house fire in 1997 in New York on Christmas Eve. According to Justin, her story "seem[s] batshit."
  • Episode 240 (0:46:43) - Ruth - A healing spirit; given to Michelle by her mother many years ago. Houses the spirit of a 17-year-old who froze to death in the early 1900's, during her travels. Ruth is a very active and present spirit. Made of alabaster (according to Griffin).[Note 3]
  • MaxFunDrive 2015 (0:13:54) - Baby - Found in the attic of a murder house, in two old boxes (one of which was lead). According to the seller, Baby "is creepy as hell and I want her gone". Came from a house with super cool hand-hewed beams.[Note 4]
  • Episode 243 (1:09:52) - Katie/Frieda - A needy/demanding spirit, who had a difficult life. Cost 150 American dollars. According to Griffin, she is "sort of a double whammy". In Justin's opinion, "Freida can fuck off, but Katy is cool."[Note 5][Note 6]
  • Episode 252 (0:17:47) - Jeanie - An only child, born to an alliterative working family. Died in a plane crash, although the doll may have been lying (according to the brothers, her story is "too cool", so she probably died climbing a tree or something). Will get into your makeup. Wears a bonnet so people don't make fun of her hair.[Note 7] [Note 8]
  • Episode 267 (0:26:11) - Ava - A powerful witch, as untameable as the wind. Very independent; do not try to tie this haunted doll down! According to Travis, she looks like Geena Davis in Beetlejuice.
  • Episode 294 (0:07:16) - Mary - The most positive haunted doll on the planet. Lightly haunted and porcelain with a very uplifting and amazing backstory. Met her demise in automobile accidents (multiple). Best known for projecting lavender orbs throughout your house in the early hours of the morning. "The Bulbasaur of Haunted dolls," according to Griffin.
  • Episode 295 (1:10:04) - Gretchen - A spoiled rich girl with a stubborn and very determined personality that the seller is not comfortable with. Likes to hover over people when they’re in bed. 16 FEET TALL.
  • Episode 296 (0:49:00) - American Indian Witch's Doll - Good Luck,
  • Episode 312 (0:32:25) - Mikiyasp? - She is the spirit of a spunky eight-year-old. She brings a sense of brightness to any room. She laughs, and sings, and turns nightlights on and off. She wants to bring happiness to a family and she needs help finding the light.
  • Episode 329 (0:23:34) - Samantha - Plays music. Shoots healing white light out of her eyes. Sold as a doll for entertainment purposes because Ebay "forbids the sale of inanimate objects."[Note 9]
  • TV Show (Episode 1) - Marvin - A bank-robbing clown who robbed several banks flawlessly, until one night, he picked the wrong bank.
  • Episode 345 (0:49:55) - Addiline[2] - Locked away in a glass case in an elder man's store for the town to come look at.
  • Episode 359 (0:22:22) - Janet - Mardi Gras beads.
  • Episode 377 (0:26:55) - Rose - Her aura is PINK.
  • Episode 381 (0:42:10) - Jessie - A designer doll with real-looking breasts.
  • Episode 394 (0:20:26) - Ebay user punkinleah - She has listed a lot of haunted dolls.
  • MaxFunDrive 2018 (0:53:03) - Haunted Antique Porcelain Doll - Messes w/ electronics
  • Episode 402 (0:26:51) - Porcelain Doll With Orbs / Paranormal / Stunning!
  • Episode 416 (0:34:00) - Sandi - Sandi is somewhat of a white lighter slash dark spirit. She is not all negative energy, just very powerful and isn’t afraid to use this power.
  • Episode 419 (0:37:40) - Fletcher - "I just want my money back, and peace of mind back," says the seller. Terrifying negative spirit, will kill cats from distance. Days later washer broke, and car accident hitting a tree my stepson
  • Episode 423 (0:27:28) - Stacy - YOU DO GET THE DOLL IN THIS LISTING. Not a toy for children to play with.
  • Episode 425 (0:42:48) - Goldie - “Goldielocks” died via “violence, hand, hell, copper” as confirmed by the seller’s iPhone ghost communication app. Goldie should go in a prominent, high-traffic zone so you can get comfortable with her. “I mean it’s word-of-mouth marketing, innit?” says Griffin.
  • Episode 430 (0:32:30) - Kayla
  • Episode 432 (0:44:36) - Gloria - Winter Spirit Doll
  • Episode 439 (0:38:01) - Christmas Stocking
  • Episode 443 (0:26:55) - Mischievous Raya[3]
  • Episode 450 (0:46:15) - Jade[4]
  • MaxFunDrive 2019 (0:32:58) - Demoonic Doll - #Blood
  • Episode 469 (0:37:34) - Elsaneth
  • Episode 476 (0:35:31) - Jillian - A doll that is also a witch
  • Episode 479 (0:29:18) - Female Spirit Companion Seduction Pendant
  • Episode 491 (0:34:48) - Jody - A sad paranormal doll.
  • Episode 494 (0:34:21) - Protection Troll Doll[5]
  • Episode 498 (0:18:12) - Bumbum - I know this will sound so weird, but I can honestly not tell you where in the world this doll came from.
  • Episode 508 (0:07:27) - Melissa - Pure evil tangible, physical doll. Though a tangible doll, she was neither human or non-human. She is neither female or male.
  • Episode 540 (0:39:30) - NOT doll - NEW Never before seen!! This Mystery Spirit will travel on his or her own once you submit payment.
  • MaxFunDrive 2021 - Hosted by Travis
    • (0:18:05) - Janice - Comes from a Late Collector who kept her secured in a birdcage, away from harmful objects. She was named after a Lady named Janice, because the doll threw a fork at her and jagged her in the lips.
    • (0:21:18) - Agnes - Not for Fun, NOT a toy!
  • Episode 565 (0:42:20) - Christian - There is definitely a vampire's sexual energy coming from him. When you feel hot breath coming from the back of your neck, he is present. The apparition of him is magnificent. He will manifest himself in your dreams and try to cover himself over you.
  • Episode 591 (0:44:46) -Bea
  • Haunted Doll Unboxing: Neutral Roberta Travis unboxes haunted doll Neutral Roberta, given to him as a gift by Griffin, and situates her in his office. Roberta loves flowers. She is not a malicious spirit.
  • Episode 609 (Face 2 Face) (00:19:43) Justina. 12" tall. Justina wears a purple outfit with rainbow sleeves, and has face paint. She worked at a laundromat, and as a face-painter at children's parties. She died in a gas explosion at work. She likes to watch soap operas, and loves Slim-Jims. She communicates through pendulum, dowsing rods and balloon lights.
  • Episode 609 (Face 2 Face) (00:23:50) Li'l Spitz. $150 at time of recording. Li'l Spitz was a kid who wanted to be a rapper when he grew up. He was killed at a rap battle while hanging out with older kids. A shooter yelled 'Joy road, b***hes' before firing into the crowd.


  1. Madame Christine never adopted a spirit that was demonic. She would never expose her other spirit vessels to that. She had a way of knowing who was trouble, and she would not bring them home.
  2. A haunted Admiral Ackbar action figure would not be scary, but only if he was haunted by Admiral Ackbar (according to Travis).
  3. According to Justin, you shouldn't poke holes in a haunted doll, because it is trapping a demon spirit and "you may- probably want to keep those enclosed."
  4. Travis does a flawless haunted outfit impression.
  5. Terry Gross tried to "kill the show" with NPR's story on haunted dolls.
  6. Scary Gross is actually, like, a really tight name for whoever takes Elvira's place. (JustkiddingElvirawillliveforever).
  7. All spirits take on a special vessel to claim as their home until the point that they cross over to the other side. This may take months, or thousands of years.
  8. There is no rhyme or reason for what goes on in the Spirit World. (However, Griffin believes this assertion might be "some racist shit".)
  9. All haunted dolls must legally be sold upon being found after someone's grandma passes away.

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