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Island Boy is the vigilante alter ego of Justin McElroy that represents Justin's strong connection to That Island Lifestyle. Island Boy often manifests shortly after Justin returns from family vacations to beach towns in the southeast United States.

His origins were detailed in Episode 261, and he made a return in Episode 316. Since then, Island Boy has only been mentioned in passing, most notably in the intro to Episode 482, during Lin-Manuel Miranda's song We Didn't Start the Brothers.

“Some people just want to watch the world sunburn.”
— Travis[src]
“Yeah, he's not the boy we want. And that's the end of the sentence.”
— Griffin[src]

Abilities and Equipment[]

  • Puka shell necklace that turns into a whip
  • Very baggy canvas shorts with black and blue stripes, the drawstring of which is also a whip
  • Flip flops that are frisbees
  • Resistance to sun-based enemies
  • Very strong, handsome, and muscular
  • Friends with Jimmy Buffett