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Lin-Manuel Miranda is a good friend of the McElroys and famous for being The Fourth McElroy Brother. Some say he will truly ascend when he finally adopts the McElroy name and his initials become LMMM (Lin-Manuel Miranda-McElroy). He wrote Hamilton, a show that Griffin McElroy almost shat his pants during.[1]

He is the brothers' #1 fan and the most prominent user of the Great-Job horn.[2]

Personal life[]

Lin has made musicals such as In the Heights (2008) and Hamilton (2015). He worked on Moana (2016) and later on Mary Poppins Returns (2019) with Disney. He is currently acting in the HBO series His Dark Materials (2019) as well.

Lin is first mentioned at the conclusion of Episode 101. During shoutouts, Justin welcomes "...our new Tony Award Winning fan, Linmanual Miranda [sic]. It's super good to have you on board." This was likely in response to Lin's April 22, 2012 tweet, "Discovered @MBMBaM on this trip. thoses funny dudes are talking in my ears this whole flight now."

In 2016, he and Travis McElroy had a battle of the gods, where Travis attempted to take Lin's Tonys, even though he very much did not yet deserve them. The fight concluded after 7 days and 6 nights, with both forces having found a mutual new respect for each other.

In 2016, Griffin was overjoyed after Lin sent him a video of Carly Rae Jepsen giving him a shoutout. Later that year, Griffin declared that he will remove the medallion from one of Lin's Tonys to use as "the world's most radical and the world's most prestigious Tony bony pog slammer."[3]

In December 2016, Travis suggested that Lin should voice Fenton Crackshell in the new DuckTales reboot. And then it fucking happened, because Travis is Nostradamus I guess. Really though Travis what the fuck.[4]

In 2017 Griffin announced that their friendship with Lin was ended, and that La La Land is now their new best friend.[5] Lin was deposed as fourth McElroy brother by Afité, an attendant of the September 2017 New York liveshow, after Griffin refused to rap battle for his honor.[6]

Appearances on the Podcast[]

He has appeared on the podcast as a guestspert in Episode 193 and Episode 516. In his first appearance, he gave some actual advice (a possible first ever for MBMBaM), but by the second time around, he seems to have gotten with the program. He also made a short cameo in Episode 400 when the brothers visited the premiere of Jimmy Buffett's Escape to Margaritaville. He was also the victim of a brutal prank call in the special bonus episode for MaxFunDrive 2020.

Lin appears in the final episode of the brothers' television show as a Dickensian Candlenights narrator. During the show, he fails to help Justin write a backstory for the holiday and legally gives away his Tony to Griffin. He also appeared during the 2020 Candlenights Special, in which he sang a Candlenights carol to the tune of 311's "Amber".

In addition to being a guestspert on the show, he has also written songs in honor of the brothers. The first, "Fugue for Brotherhorns", was sung by the brothers in Episode 193. (It was hauntingly beautiful.) Then, he performed "Shrimp Heaven Now" at the beginning of Episode 376. He completed the trilogy of songs in Episode 482, with "We Didn't Start The Brothers".

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