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Monster Factory[1][2][3] is an ongoing YouTube series created by Griffin and Justin McElroy, and edited by Clayton Ashley of Polygon.

In the show, Griffin and Justin "play" various video games by building abominations with the character editor tools. Their creative philosophy can be summed up with the mantra, "No middle sliders."


The series premiered on May 4, 2015 as a new web series for Polygon.

On April 24, 2018, Griffin and Justin announced their departure from Polygon, but reassured audiences that they may continue to appear in Polygon content (albeit infrequently), and that Monster Factory would continue. After a few months of hiatus, the show returned in December, uploaded to both the Polygon channel and the McElroy Family channel.

Since June 2019, Justin has stated at the end of each episode that in the near future, new episodes of Monster Factory will no longer be published in parallel, and will instead appear only on the McElroy Family channel.[4] This move was finalized in July 2020.[5]

Notable Monsters[]

  • The Final Pam[6][7]
  • Borth Sampson[8]
  • The Boy-Mayor of Second Life[9]
  • Turbovicki[10]

Notable Quotes[]

“Toe to tip, this is a Bart!”
— Griffin (as Matt Groening)[src]
“I think dogs should vote!”
— Griffin (as the Boy-Mayor of Second Life)[src]
“That's a funny trick to play on God.”
— Justin[src]
“♫ A backpack for his applesauce. A backpack where he keeps his applesauce! Ja'am's got the applesauce THAT YOU CRAVE!!♫”
— Griffin[src]


  • Fallout 76 (which is set in West Virginia) contains a house full of references to "The Final Pam"[11]

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