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Monthly Observances is a segment created by Griffin. At the beginning of each month, the brothers come up with slogans as a PSA for one of the month-long observances being recognized in the current month, but also to promote themselves, since they end each catchphrase with "My Brother, My Brother and Me."

Griffin first introduced the segment in Episode 37 as a way to kick off the first full calendar year of MBMBaM.

After faithfully adhering to the segment for all 12 months of 2011, the brothers only observed February and June in 2012, and they ultimately abandoned the bit altogether because they didn't find it very funny. Since then, Griffin has only brought the it back for special segment-filled episodes: Episode 294 and MaxFunDrive 2018.

“I'm just looking forward to July, which is of course National Admit This Bit You've Been Trying to Make Work for Six Months Isn't Panning Out So Well Month.”
“We have another bit, where Travis basically just screams nonsense for 10 minutes, and I like it better than this bit.”
— Justin[src]