Munch Squad is a segment created and perpetrated by Justin McElroy. Every Munch Squad features a press release from a major fast food company, typically discussing their new products. Justin reads the press release out loud and the brothers provide analysis and commentary. The humor in the segment is largely derived from the bizarreness of the products, the choice of words used to describe the products, and the sometimes unorthodox promotional tactics used to promote them. Restaurants discussed include: Papa Johns, Denny's, Wendy's, McDonald's and every other fast food place that ends with 's.

List of Topics Edit

  1. Episode 304: Taco Bell's Naked Crispy Chicken Taco
  2. Episode 305: Wendy's Bacon Mozzarella Burger
  3. Episode 306: Olive Garden's Breadstick Sandwiches and Deep Dish Spaghetti Pie
  4. Episode 309: Burger King's Flamin' Hot Mac & Cheetos 
  5. Episode 312: Domino's Burger Pizza
  6. Episode 321: Domino's Salads
  7. Episode 322: Pizza Hut's Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza
  8. Episode 324: Jack in the Box's Brunchfast Menu
  9. Episode 326: Wendy's Taco Salad
  10. Episode 328: Carl's Jr.'s Budweiser Beer Cheese Bacon Burger
  11. Episode 336: Wendy's Spicy Sriracha Chicken Sandwich
  12. Episode 340: Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chalupa
  13. Episode 345: Doritos' Boldest Choice Campaign
  14. Episode 349: Jester's Jenny's Chicken Parmi Pie
  15. Episode 351: Taco Bell's Nacho Fries
  16. Episode 354: Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chips
  17. Episode 356: McDonald's Artisanal Sandwiches
  18. Episode 357: Carl's Jr.'s Baby Back Rib Burger
  19. Episode 358: Arby's Smokehouse Pork Belly Sandwich
  20. Episode 363: Tim Hortons' 150th Canadian Anniversary Menu
  21. Episode 364: Applebee's Topped and Loaded Menu
  22. Episode 372: Yogurtland's Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream
  23. Episode 374: McDonald's Buttermilk Crispy Tenders (and art posters)
  24. Episode 375: Whataburger's Chorizo Burger
  25. Episode 376: Taco Bell's Naked Egg Taco
  26. Episode 384: Cinnabuns' cinnamonbun-cookie & The cookie bomb bite
  27. Episode 385: Sweetfrog's Deck the Halls Christmas Spectacle
  28. Episode 386: Regal Cinemas' Cheetos Popcorn
  29. Episode 392: Einstein Bros.' Wake Up to Bagels Campaign
  30. Episode 394:
    • Taco Bell x Forever 21 Fashion Line (performed by Griffin)
    • Burger King's Whopper Severance Package
  31. Episode 396: Bojangles' Heart Shaped Bo-Berry Biscuits
  32. MaxFunDrive 2018:
    • Krispy Kreme Reese's Peanut Butter Egg Doughnut
    • KFC Waffle Double Down
  33. Episode 401: Zaxby's Zensation Zalad
  34. Episode 406: Dairy Queen's Summer Blizzard Treat Menu
  35. Episode 408: McDonald's & Sprite's "It's the MIX" Campaign
  36. Episode 410: Fazoli's Breadstick Sliders
  37. Episode 411: Domino's pothole...thing. (not a food)
  38. Episode 413: Dunkin' Donuts Donut Fries
  39. Episode 415: Hummus and Pita Co. Hummus ice cream
  40. Episode 417: Chick-fil-A Meal Kits
  41. Episode 422: Chipotle Bacon & Nachos
  42. Episode 427: Dunkin' Donuts Rebrand
  43. Episode 428:
    • Coolgreens Restaurant
    • Dairy Queen's Autumnal Menu
  44. Episode 429: Mickey's Spicy Spooky Cheeto Pizza
  45. Episode 431: Burger King's Nightmare King and Philly Cheese King
  46. Episode 437: Burger King's Dogpper, Whopper Detour, and
  47. Episode 438: Sonic's Fritos Chili Cheese Faves
  48. Episode 441:
    • CoreLife Eatery's Tim Tebow Food Revolution
    • Baskin Robbins' Brownie-Inspired Flavors
  49. Episode 444: Krispy Kreme's Say It With Donuts
  50. Episode 445: Bojangles 50-piece Chicken Supremes® platter
  51. Episode 446: Wendy's Made to Crave Menu
  52. Episode 447:
    • McDonald's Donut Sticks
    • Domino's Points for Pies
  53. Episode 450: Stars of ‘The Bachelor’ Love Subway’s New Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread
  54. Episode 451: Chicken Guy!
  55. Episode 452: Pizza Hut's P'Zone
  56. MaxFunDrive 2019: The Hummus & Pita Co. Hummus Shake
  57. Episode 453:
    • Dunkin's Peeps Coffee and Peeps Donut
    • Carl's Jr.'s Truffle Burger and Truffle Fries
  58. Episode 454:
    • 7-Eleven – Avocado Toast Slurpee
    • Checkers/Rally's – Unseasoned Fries
    • Dunkin' – donut so big you can use it as a coffee cup holder
    • Hardee's – hiring a CBO (Chief Biscuit Officer)
    • Jersey Mike's – Stack Sub (two subs on top of each other)
    • McDonald's Australia – McPickle Burger (a burger that's nothing but pickles)
    • McDonald's Canada – McNugget Singles
    • McDonald's Germany – Big Mac flavored smoothie
    • McDonald's – Shake Sauce for fries
    • Oreo – cookie where the cream is on the outside and the cookie's in the middle
    • Carl's Jr. – Vape Cup (when you drink your soda you also get vape)
    • Pop Tarts – Ravioli
    • Red Lobster – Twizzlers Straws
    • Stonefire Grill – getting rid of breadsticks
  59. Episode 455:
    • fresh&co's 4/20 Menu
    • Toppers Pizza's Pretzel Bites
  60. Episode 456:
    • Carl's Jr's Rocky Mountain HIGH Cheeseburger Delight
    • Dairy Queen's new tagline
  61. Episode 458:
    • Krispy Kreme's Fruit-Shaped Donuts
    • McDonald's Worldwide Favorites
  62. Episode 459: Heinz's Creme Egg Mayo
  63. Episode 460: Earl of Sandwich debuts in Idaho
  64. Episode 462: GarfieldEATS
  65. Episode 464: KFC and Mtn. Dew's Sweet Lightning
  66. Episode 465:
    • Next Level Burger's Brekky Burger
    • Pizza Hut's Cheesy Bite Pizza
    • Krispy Kreme's Filled Doughnut
  67. Episode 466:
    • KFC's Cheetos Sandwich
    • Arby's Meat Carrot
  68. Episode 470: Taco Bell's Pop-Up Hotel
  69. Episode 471: Perverted Ice Cream
  70. Episode 472:
    • Wendy's 2 Million Nuggets
    • Popeye's Chicken Sandwich
  71. Episode 473: Olive Garden's Lifetime Pasta Pass
  72. Episode 475: Heinz's Ed Sheerhan themed Ketchup Bottles (Edchup)
  73. Episode 477: Your Pie Launches Baked Pasta Nationwide
  74. Episode 478:
    • KFC's Chicken & Donuts
    • Pizza Hut's Cheez-It Pizza
  75. Episode 479: KFC's Donut Chicken Sandwich--Special Update Live Review
  76. Episode 482:
    • Fatburger's Cranberry Turkey-burger Shake
    • Taco Bell's Taco Hero Contest
  77. Episode 485: Burger King's Ghost Whopper
  78. Episode 486:
    • Four Rivers Smokehouse's Beyond Burnt Ends
    • Yogurtland's Flaming Hot Cheetos Yogurt Topping
    • Molasses Gingerbread Cookie Frozen Yogurt
  79. Episode 487: Zaxby's Southwest Chipotle Fillet and Smokehouse Cheddar BBQ Sandwiches with Jumanji Citrus Fizz
  80. Episode 488: Boston Pizza's Christmas Pizza & Caroling Pizza Box
  81. Episode 490:
    • Edible Arrangement's Incredible Edibles
    • Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuit Sweater
    • Michael Jordan Steakhouse's Space Jam Combo
  82. Episode 492: Spangle's 99-cent Margaritas and Screwdrivers
  83. Episode 493: Taco Bell's Toasted Cheddar Chalupa

"Theme" song Edit

The Munch Squad segment often starts with Justin making sounds that can be compared to: a radio adjusting itself, crackling fire, the running of tiny angry feet, or the approaching of thunder. Justin then announces, with the booming voice of the gods,

to which Griffin and Travis, incredibly unenthusiastically reply,

Justin then sings a guitar riff that is almost, but not exactly, the one in Twisted Sister's "I Wanna Rock", presumably the inspiration for the theme song. Recently he has started adding new elements in to extend the opening riff, such as the "oh-ah-ah!" from Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song," even adding a kazoo instrumental riff. Each episode that the Munch Squad appears in, Justin seems to extend the bassline riff, miraculously getting lower and lower. This has sparked concern for his mental and vocal health.

Then follows the Munch Squad segment, which always happens to start just when I've left the house and I'm on the train and haven't had any lunch and I'm trying to eat healthy and now I want a god damn cheeseburger, thanks Justin.

Controversy Edit

Justin has been criticized for luring his two brothers into a false sense of security by asking a decoy question, then interrupting his brothers' answers to introduce the segment.

In Episode 375, Justin was accused of using the abrupt and unexpected nature of the segment to avoid answering a question posed to him. He confirmed this, replacing the usual lyrics to the theme song with "I wanna deflect!" Similarly, in Episode 396, Justin starts with "It's a defense mechanism!" and in Episode 492, Justin starts the the segment "to bail out" and "to save myself".

Twilight Years Edit

Since Episode 456, Justin has periodically stated that Munch Squad is in its twilight years, its sunset years, its farewell tour, but the segment has shown no signs of slowing down just yet.

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