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My Brother, My Brother, and Me[1] is a web television series based on the podcast of the same name.

The first (and currently only) season of the TV show was originally ordered as a co-production of NBC's streaming service Seeso and Big Giant Head LLC. However, Seeso was shut down soon after, and the show's rights were sold to VRV, where it is currently hosted as free content.[2] The show can also be purchased on major streaming platforms[3][4][5], but the McElroys do not receive royalties.[6]

Each episode opens with a disclaimer read by Clint McElroy and the theme song "(It's A) Departure". The show was filmed in the McElroys' hometown of Huntington, West Virginia. In addition to celebrity guest stars, the show also features members of the McElroy family and various residents of Huntington, including Mayor Williams and Police Chief Ciccarelli.


No. Title Audio Commentary
1 "Dorms & Ghoulsmashing" May 24, 2017
A viewer asks for help living with several supposedly-haunted items owned by their roommate, leading the McElroys to call on a pair of paranormal investigators and recreate the scenario by filling a dorm room with as many scary objects as possible, including a haunted clown doll purchased by Justin.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott of Property Brothers
2 "Resumes & Jamiroquai's Dad" January 28, 2018
To help a viewer looking to improve his résumé, the McElroys take on as many jobs in a short period as possible, including a minute-long honorary mayorship and a brief period in charge of Safety Town. To prove their methods, Griffin tries to reapply for a job he was dismissed from in his youth, with his brothers also applying for the same position.
3 "Tarantulas & Travis Did a Hit" March 6, 2019 (Donor Content)
When a viewer asks the McElroys to convince his wife to let him have a pet tarantula, Travis must confront his arachnophobia as the brothers attempt to improve the reputation of tarantulas via a rebranding, an improved social media presence, and a pro-spider parade.
4 "Teens & Your Least Favorite Soda" July 15, 2020 (Donor Content)
To help a teacher better determine how to maintain her students' interests in class, the McElroys attempt to understand teenagers better by giving themselves "teen names" and practicing trends like dabbing and water bottle flipping. Aided by Justin's teenage sister-in-law Rileigh and her classmates, each brother attempts a different teaching style to connect with the teens.
Guest Stars: John Green and Hank Green of Vlogbrothers
5 "Secret Societies & Apologies to Nathan"
A viewer asks how to become a member of a secret society, so the McElroys begin an investigation in the hopes of discovering a hidden organization that holds all the power in Huntington. When their search goes cold, the brothers eventually decide to start their own secret society, "The Knights Templar 2: Wacky Wizards".
6 "Candlenights & Vape Ape"
An attempt to help a viewer with their vaping problem is suddenly interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Candlenights. After telling the story of the holiday's origins, the McElroy brothers must band together to organize and prepare for a Candlenights live show in just three days.
Guest Stars: Lin-Manuel Miranda and "Weird Al" Yankovic

Alternate Reality Game[]

The alternate reality game (ARG) clues in Episode 5 lead to three bonus clips from the show, which have been compiled into this YouTube video.

At the end of the episode, Clint says, "Go to my youngest son's seventh word hyphen my youngest son's fifteenth word dot pizza to unlock your prize."
In the cold open at the beginning of the episode, Griffin says, "Hey Siri, open contacts. Delete all Dereks. Hey Siri, text Derek. That was a trap."

First clip: Go to and enter 325892875734530 in the text box

  • 3 and 2 are the numbers on the dice in Clint's studio.
  • 5 fingers painted on one of the Beagle Boys.
  • 8, like the shape of the two rings on Reginald VelJohnson's hand.
  • 9 28 75 on the classroom whiteboard.
  • 7 hidden on Griffin.
  • 34 & 5 on the Keith Albee seating sign.
  • 3 spotlights in the Keith Albee theater.
  • o in "Roll-a-Rama"

Second clip: Go to and enter watch in the hidden text box just below the image of the brothers

  • The end of the episode features a clip of Clint speaking backwards. Reversing the audio gives the phrase, "My boy has two when he should have one. What is it?"
  • Griffin is wearing two watches in several scenes during this episode (as well as in the picture that was used for his Forbes profile and this wiki).

Third clip: Go to

Season 2[]

Near the (supposed) end of The Candlenights 2020 Special, Travis can be heard off-handedly mentioning a season 2 of the T.V. show being in the works. However, Travis[7] and Justin[8] (and a source close to the brothers, Amanda Freberg[9]) have since emphatically stated that this was a goof. Season 2 is not confirmed.


  • It is commonly purported that the television show was short-lived due to the shut-down of Seeso. However, sources (that wish to remain anonymous) report that the cancellation occurred "for no less or more" because God saw how powerful it was and nerfed the McElbros in order to maintain the balance of the cosmos.
  • Justin and Griffin mention playing a lot of the Attack on Titan video game after shooting the TV show, partly as a way to relieve stress.[10]


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