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"My Brother, My Brother and Me present Big Gulp, Live! (MaxFunDrive 2015)" is a Maximum Fun Network special Donors-only episode, originally released on March 10, 2015.


"Big Gulp, Live!" was a 2015 Los Angeles live show, recorded at The Masonic Lodge at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It is supposedly the 36th episode of Big Gulp, a fictional vore-themed podcast hosted by Griffin and Travis McElroy. Justin McElroy appears as a guest.


Intro - Donor thanks, preamble

03:57 - Intro theme plays

09:00 - Icebreaker - Griffin asks everyone who or what they most would want to be swallowed by.

15:09 - Revisiting last week's question about whether Innerspace is Vore

19:50 - The brothers field questions from the audience.

24:19 - Video 1

26:12 - Post-Video Roundtable

28:28 - Video 2

30:20 - Second Post-Video Roundtable

32:44 - A Premium Swallow


  • According to Griffin, Big Gulp is a weekly "vore-cast", and a product of Big Gulp LLC, which has partnered with My Brother My Brother and Me LLC to reach a bigger audience.
  • During the event, the brothers played excerpts from two camera-tracked CGI vore videos created by Romanian animator and FurAffinity user MirceaKitsune.
  • The episode links to the videos via bitly links which are no longer functional. The videos are accessible via mirrors, though viewer discretion is highly advised for graphic nudity and digestion. Each consists of handheld footage in which a man is swallowed by a motion-tracked 3d model.
  • In the first video, "Eaten by a Snake", a man narrates as he is slowly devoured by a CGI snake. He attempts to escape, but slides further and further in until his camera malfunctions.
  • The second video, "Blue Vixen's Snack", is a short film in which the same man offers himself to, and is digested by Krystal from Star Fox.

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