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Nick Robinson is a Youtuber who used to work and create content with Griffin McElroy.

What happened?[]

Work At Polygon[]

Nick was a fan of MBMBaM and sent in questions in the past. Then he started working with Griffin McElroy at Polygon. During that time, he made a podcast with Griffin called Cool Games Inc. as well as several video series, including the long running "Car Boys." In 2017, reports began arising concerning him having sexually harassed business contacts and fans.

Reveal and Termination[]

In August 2017, Polygon terminated his employment following an investigation of the allegations of harassment.[1] Nick confirmed that he sexually harassed women and issued an apology on twitter.[2] He now streams on Twitch TV and produces videos about Japanese games. As of July 2021, he has over one million subscribers on YouTube.


Nick's brother, Porter Robinson, is a well-known music composer and host of a music festival.