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Rachel Celia[1] McElroy co-hosts Wonderful!: An Enthusiast Podcast with her husband Griffin McElroy. She is also a grant writer and Certified Cool Poet!

Just great and good.

Personal Life[]

Rachel Mcelroy is Jewish.

She is the creator of the best chili recipe of all time, according to Griffin.

A Beautiful And Pure Soul

She also has about 5 years of wisdom on her husband. She might actually be as old as 150 if she was born on a leap day and is also a chronomancer.[2]

She's so amazing I love her so much I would pay real money to have her read the dictionary to me with her lovely voice.

Rachel McElroy invented love. Her beautiful voice is a gift from the gods we just want her to read us more poems.


Has guest-starred on the following MBMBaM episodes:

She can be commonly found in the poetry corner, reading poetry and listening to her husband's succulent tones.

Other podcasts[]

She co-hosts Wonderful!, a general podcast of things that Rachel and Griffin like, which was formerly the podcast Rose Buddies, a Bachelor and Bachelorette fancast.

References & Links[]

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