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Reach for the Stars is a segment from middlest brother Travis McElroy. For this segment, Travis reads reviews from Amazon and asks his brothers to guess what product is being reviewed. The segment debuted at the November 17, 2019 live show in Milwaukee.[1] Although his brothers initially expressed concern[2] at the notion of a new segment from the brother who invented Sad Libs and Riddle Me Piss, Travis's latest segment has proven itself to be worthy of 5 stars.

“Oh, this one's good! Okay.”
Griffin McElroy, Episode 491

Products reviewed[]

  • Ep. 487
    • Fake cigarettes
    • Fake poop
  • Ep. 491
    • Twerking Santa
    • A Mermaid for Christmas (film)
    • Love Actually (film)
  • Ep. 498
    • Sir Perky Novelty Bottle Stopper
    • Microwave S'mores Maker


  1. I was there
  2. Again, I was there. It was less like concern and more like "oh NO oh SHIT he DID NOT CLEAR THIS WITH US" especially because Travis left the table to use a stand-alone mic so no one would see his phone. But that is a lot harder to say eloquently