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Star King is a gift-giving figure associated with Candlenights, filling essentially the same role that Santa Claus does for Christmas. Little is known about the folklore surrounding this figure, as he was first recorded in Episode 335, and most of what we do know was pretty much just the Brothers throwing out whatever came to mind and seeing what sticks. Also, given the context of the question that gave birth to him, a lot of said folklore was invented solely to spare any Candlenights-celebrating children embarrassment at the hands of their peers.

Star King's name was originally derived from a listener's family mispronouncing the word "stocking."[1]

The following has at least been proposed as Candlenights canon:

  • Every year, Santa Claus and the Star King have a fight to the death. Every year, Star King wins, meaning that Santa's mantle is either passed down to a new person a la the Tim Allen film The Santa Clause, or he regenerates through other, unknown means.[1]
  • The Star King is literally lord and sovereign over multiple stars.[1]
  • Unlike Santa, who visits every good child that celebrates Christmas, the Star King only visits the best child in any given year.[1]
  • The Star King is the mascot of Ale-8-One, the world's most popular soft drink.[2]
  • The Star King drives a Ford F150, which offers the most powerful drivetrain of any mid-size truck with a flatbed on it, and the Ford warranty is pretty good.[2]
  • During the Cyber Star War at the galaxy's rim, at the Battle of Gemini (where the Quantum Lord fell), the Star Lord's mech suit and body were sundered. However, on the moon of Europa, Star King's torso was repaired with cybersteel.[2]
  • The Star King arrives on Earth during Candlenights in a spaceship shaped vaguely like a squid.[3]
  • He wears a jumpsuit and fishnet stockings.[3]
  • Some sources allege that he rides upon the back of Terry the Nondenominational Gift Delivery Dragon.[3]