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Still Buffering is a weekly podcast on the Maximum Fun Network, hosted by the Smirl siblings: Sydnee, Teylor, and Rileigh.

The show began in January 2016 as "a sisters' guide to teens through the ages" with Sydnee and Rileigh, in which they would explore a facet of teenage life/culture to explore in each week's episode, titled "How to ____".[2] Teylor later joined the show in Episode 12 (April 2016), completing the trio of siblings.[3]

In Episode 193 (January 2020), the show was soft-rebooted as "a cross-generational guide to the culture that made us." By that point, Rileigh was nearly 20 years old and was no longer on the cutting edge of teenage culture. The show is still rooted in discussing growth and adolescence, but now each episode is centered around a piece of media that one of the siblings wants to discuss.[4]

2017 Facebook Controversy[]

On June 20, 2017, a user in the Still Buffering Facebook group suggested "How to deal with implicit bias concerning race issues" as a topic for the show. The conversation surrounding the suggestion devolved into an argument between the fans and the Smirls on Facebook and Twitter, with the Smirls accusing the fans of attacking them and the fans accusing the Smirls of misrepresenting the conversation.[5] As a result, several people were kicked from the Still Buffering group and all of the McElroys and Smirls left the Facebook groups and handed moderation over to fans.

Rachel Rosing was one notable critic of the way the family handled the situation, and she has not been mentioned on MBMBaM since then as a result. (It is unclear to me whether this is due to her no longer submitting Yahoos or due to the show no longer accepting them from her.)

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