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Terry the Nondenominational Gift Delivery Dragon is a Candlenights mascot introduced by Travis in episode 386. He was described as a more "boots on the ground, getting the work done character" compared to the Star King, who is more of a "figurehead". He was described via a Travis-scripted FAQ read by Justin and Griffin as follows:

  • He is ¾ dragon, his mother is half unicorn.
  • Terry delivers presents because parents pay him to (technically parents pay taxes, a portion of which goes to Terry. He is an independent contractor of the government.)
  • He brings presents to all kids, regardless if they've been good or bad, because "Terry doesn't judge- he's done some s***, too!"
  • Terry monitors your internet search history to determine what you really want, instead of relying on wishlist letters.
  • You shouldn't leave out treats for Terry because he's on a special diet. He eats dinner before he starts delivering and "carries a power bar with him in case he gets hungry".
  • "You don't have to believe in Terry because he believes in you."