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That's a Christmas to Me is a recurring segment in which Justin describes the plot of 3 absurd Christmas movies, two of which are real and one of which is fake. The segment was first introduced in Episode 435, although the brothers had previously discussed the incredible number of Hallmark Christmas specials and the strangeness of their titles in Episode 335.

Carrying this segment to its natural conclusion, Justin and Sydnee created their own Hallmark-inspired Christmas story, A Medicine Called Christmas, which they performed together with their family members in Episode 257 of Sawbones[1], during the Candlenights 2018 live show. The sequel, A Medicine Called Christmas 2: A Royal Pain, premiered in Episode 303 of Sawbones[2], during the Candlenights 2019 live show. A trailer for another sequel, A Medicine Called Christmas: Quarantined for the Holidays, premiered during The Candlenights 2020 Special.


That's a Christmas to Me (Full Arrangement)

By Adam Sakiyama

“Come and sit with me now in the candlelight,
Here this Christmas, we're gonna do it right.
Hang some lights on the tree,
Yeah, that's a Christmas to me.
Put your arm around the fire,
Yeah, I don't want any more nog.
Yeah, you're callin' me a liar,
But I'm gonna go out for a jog.
And that's a Christmas to me,
You and me and her and a tree,
Learn about birds and the bees.
That's a Christmas to me!”
— Justin [singing][src]

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