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The Adventure Zone[1][2] is a comedy/roleplaying podcast run by the McElroy brothers and their dad. It is hosted on the Maximum Fun Network, and released every other Thursday.

The initial pilot aired on August 18th, 2014[3] as a special episode of MBMBaM, and it was launched as its own separate show on December 3rd 2014.[4]

As of April 2021, the show has just concluded its third major season.

  • During live episodes, the McElroys play through a one-shot story, which may be a spin-off from one of their previous campaigns or in an entirely unique setting.
  • Additionally, the McElroys have hosted several episodes of The The Adventure Zone Zone, a sort of aftershow in which they discuss their thoughts and answer listener questions.


The theme music for the first campaign, "Balance," was composed by Mort Garson, but later themes and other music were composed by Griffin McElroy. The music of The Adventure Zone is available for listening/purchase on Griffin's bandcamp.

The first campaign, "Balance," is currently being adapted into a series of graphic novels, illustrated by Carey Pietsch and published by First Second Books. The first two books were New York Times Bestsellers.

In January 2020, an animated TV pilot of "Balance" was announced to be in development for NBC's streaming service Peacock.[5]


Season Campaign Episodes First Aired Last Aired System GM Donor Exclusive
1 Balance 69 (+17) 08/18/14 08/17/17 Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Griffin Some
Knights 03 03/03/16 03/30/17 Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Travis All
Commitment 04 (+01) 09/05/17 11/30/17 Fate Core (4th edition) Clint
2 Amnesty 36 (+03) 01/04/18 09/23/19 Monster of the Week Griffin
Dust 04 (+01) 02/22/18 03/22/18 Urban Shadows Travis
Elementary 02 04/02/18 03/27/19 Four Sherlock Holmes and a Vampire (Who Is Also One of the Aforementioned Sherlock Holmes) Justin All
Fur 02 03/06/19 03/05/21 Honey Heist Travis Some
Hootenanny 02 10/03/19 08/04/20 Lasers and Feelings Griffin Some
3 Graduation 38 10/31/19 04/15/21 Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Travis
Inheritance (Dadlands) 01 11/28/19 11/28/19 Dadlands Brennan Lee Mulligan
Mercer 01 03/12/20 03/12/20 Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Matt Mercer All
Lords of Crunch 01 07/26/20 07/26/20 Lasers and Feelings Justin All
Just Us 01 02/25/21 02/25/21 Supernormal Travis
Charlieverse 01 05/03/21 05/03/21 Action Babies (modified Muppet Babies RPG / Lasers and Feelings) Justin All
4 Ethersea 05/06/21 Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (+The Quiet Year) Griffin


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