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This list of The Brothers' Yearly Themes provides an easy reference on how to achieve self-actualization. Every year, the brothers guide their flock towards a better, more fulfilled life by deciding upon a theme by which we must all guide ourselves. The theme for each year, and the episode in which the brothers declared the yearly theme, is listed.

Yearly Themes[]

2010 - ZOLO

[Note 1]

2011 - Two-Thousand-and-Heaven: Get Right with Christ

[Note 2]

2012 - Twenty-Doz: Gettin' It[]


  • The Dirty Dozen
  • The My Brother, My Brother and Me Year

2013 - Twenty-Dirt: Dig It up, Get It Out[]


  • Seriously Though, Kony 2013
  • Twenty-Did
  • Twenty-Baker's-Doz
  • Twenty-Flirt-Teen[Note 3]

2014 - Twenty-Forward[]


  • Twenty-Sport-Teen
  • Twenty-Forte: What's Your Specialty?
  • Twenty-Fortify
  • Twenty-Fart-Teen
  • Twenty-Forts
  • Twenty-Vore-Teen[Note 4]

2015 - Twenty-Grift-Teen: The Con is On[]

[Note 5]


  • Twenty-Whiff-Teen
  • Twenty-Miffed-Teen
  • Twenty-Swift-Teen
  • Twenty-Shift-Teen
  • Twenty-Bliss-Teen
  • Twenty-MILF-Teen: Never Stop Gettin' It
  • Twenty-Lift-Teen: Raise Someone's Spirits
  • Twenty-What-If-Teen: Imagine the Possibilities
  • Twenty-Gift-Teen: Share the Wealth
  • Twenty-Spliff-Teen
  • Twenty-Thrift-Teen

2016 - Twenty-Fix-Teen: Building Bridges[]


  • Twenty-Flix-Teen: Catch up on the Queue
  • Twenty-Sucks-Teen: Let's Just Get Through It
  • Twenty-Sex-Teen: Build a Sex Dummy of Jeff/Todd Bridges
  • Twenty-Mix-Teen: Get up in It
  • Twenty-Dicks-Teen: Just Saying, "Dicks" Rhymes with "Six"
  • Twenty-Ricks-Teen: Where's All My Ricks At?
  • Twenty-Twix-Teen: Get Those Caramelly Sons-of-Bitches
  • Twenty-Hicks-Teen: Back to Your Roots
  • Twenty-Chicks-Teen: Score Lots of Babes. Come on Ladies, Pile in This Lamborghini
  • Twenty-Pics-Teen: Or It Didn't Count
  • Twenty-Fricks-Teen: Back in the Picture. Hey Hollywood, It's Time to Let Brenda Fricker Back into Movies
  • Twenty-Nix-Teen: Cut It Out
  • Twenty-Knicks-Teen
  • Twenty-(Stevie)-Nicks-Teen
  • Twenty-Mick-(Fleetwood)-Teen
  • Twenty-Quicks-Teen:
    • Don't Wait Up
    • Stop Putting It Off
  • Twenty-Quix(otic)-Teen
  • Twenty-Styx-Teen: Appreciating the Music of the World's Greatest Rock Band
  • Twenty-Thickesteen: It's Time We Forgave Thicke
  • Twenty-Licks-Teen

2017 - Twenty-Serpentine: Keep 'em Guessing (Zag on 'em)[]


  • Twenty-Even-Teen: Restoring Balance
  • Twenty-Givin-Teen: Helping When You Can
  • Twenty-Heaven-Teen
  • Twenty-Kevin-Teen
  • Twenty-Devin-Teen
  • Twenty-Revvin-Teen: Kick It into High Gear
  • Twenty-Sweatin-Teen: Getting Fit
  • Joseph-Gordon-Levitt-Teen: Celebrating the Works of JGL
  • Twenty-Raven-Teen: Everybody's Got Ravens
  • Twenty-Bevvin-Teen: Stayin' 'drated
  • Twenty-Riven-Teen: Let's All Appreciate the Excellent Sequel to Myst
  • Twenty-Sexin-Teen: Time to Bust One
  • Twenty-Sextant-Teen: Navigating by the Stars
  • Twenty-Servin-Teen: Go Serve Your Community or Diss Someone out on the Playground
  • Twenty-Slevin-Teen: It Was a Good Flick
  • Twenty-Elven-Teen: Embrace Nature, Live Forever, Sweet Bow Tricks
  • Twenty-Seven-Clean: Cleanse Us, Wash Away the Trash Year
  • Twenty-Never-Teen: No Teens Allowed
  • Twenty-Leaven-Teen: The Year of Baking
  • Twenty-Estefan-Teen: Rhythm Is Gonna Get You
  • Twenty-Schleppin-Teen: Get out There, Move Around
  • 2016 II
  • Twenty-Kevin-Clean: Scrub 'em All Down
  • Twenty-Jepsen-Teen: That's Every Year for Me, Thank You
  • Twenty-Shaven-Teen: No, Travis Needs That Beard
  • Twenty-Seventeen-Magazine
  • Twenty-Seven-Bees

2018 - Collaborate-Teen: Stronger Together[]


  • Two-Thousand-and-Late-Teen
  • Twenty-Trampoline:
    • Time to Bounce Back
    • Higher and Higher
  • Twenty-Bait-Teen: We're Going Fishing
  • Twenty-Masturbate-Teen
  • Twenty-Gay-Teen
  • Twenty-Blade-Teen: The Year of Wesley Snipes
  • Twenty-Slay-Teen
  • Twenty-Skate-Teen:
    • Bringing Back Rollerblades
    • Back from the Brink
  • Twenty-Regulate-Teen: Mount Up
  • Twenty-Mate-Teen: Stronger Together
  • Validate-Teen
  • Navigate-Teen: All Hands on Deck
  • Twenty-Slates-Clean
  • Blank-Slate-Teen: All About the Movie Blank Slate
  • Captivate-Teen: Can't Look Away
  • Aspirate-Teen: Just Breathe
  • Don't-Aspirate-Teen
  • Fluoridate-Teen: Keep Those Teeth
  • Germinate-Teen: Watch It Grow
  • Lubricate-Teen: Get It Wet
  • Machinate-Teen: Watch the Gears Turn
  • Elucidate-Teen: Becoming Clear
  • Relocate-Teen
  • Twenty-Fate-Teen: Time to Audit
  • Illuminate-Teen: Something About Illuminati

2019 - Frankenstein-Teen: Become the Monster[]


  • Twenty-Equine-Teen:
    • This Year We Buy a Horse
    • This Year We Acquire, Through Some Sort of Means, a Horse
  • Twenty-Vaccine
  • Twenty-Vine-Teen: A Six-Second Celebration
  • Twenty-Sign-Teen: What's Ace of Base up To?
  • Twenty-Signs-Teen: Revisiting a Shyamalan Classic
  • Twenty-Brine-Teen:
    • The Sea is Calling
    • Make Meat a Treat
    • Are You Going to Eat Your Pickle?
    • Build a Boat in Your Tub
    • Build an Ark. We Command It
    • Siri is Calling
  • Twenty-Spine-Teen: Check Your Posture
  • Kevin-Kline-Teen
  • Chris-Klein-Teen
  • Twenty-Wine-Teen: Better with Age
  • Twenty-Whine-Teen: Complain About it
  • $-Teen: Get the Money
  • Frankenstein-Teen:
    • Befriend a Monster
    • Use What You Got
    • Fire Bad
  • Twenty-Mine-Teen: There's Gold in Them Hills (Those Lovely Lumps)
  • Refine(d)-Teen:
    • The Champagne of Years (suggested by the ethereal Teresa McElroy)
    • Get Fancy with It
  • Twenty-Fine-Teen: Fine. Okay. Fine. I Get It
  • Undermine-Teen: Destroy it from Within
  • Twenty-Pine-Teen: Man, That Smells Good
  • Realign-Teen: New Priorities, New You
  • Twenty-Shine-Teen: Un-bushel your Candle
  • Bloodline-Teen: There's Power in Your Ancestry
  • Twenty-Twine-Teen: We All Get Really Good at Indie Game Development
  • Twenty-Online-Teen: The Web is Waiting
  • Offline-Teen: Unplug, Renew (Except for All of Our Podcasts)
  • Twenty-Nal-Gene: Moisturize it
  • Twenty-Loveline-Teen: Bring It Back with Us in It
  • Pearls-Before-Swine-Teen
  • Strychnine-Teen
  • Tagline-Teen: That's the Tagline
  • Clandestine-Teen: Keep it Quiet
  • Genuine-Teen: Keep it Real
  • Divine-Teen: The Magic's in You
  • Asinine-Teen: Get Silly with It
  • Powerline-Teen: Eye to Eye (song from A Goofy Movie)

2020 - Twenty-Funny: Fill Your Life With Laughter and Love Twenty-Hunny: Down to Beesness[]

[Note 6][Note 7]


  • Twenty-Twenty: See Clearly / A Look Back
  • Twenty-Bunny: Hop to It
  • Twenty-Hunty: Go Get It
  • Twenty-Venti:
    • Livin' Large
    • Don't Be a Drip
    • Don't Talk to Me Before I've Had My Coffee
  • Twenty-Hunny: Down to Beesness
  • Twenty-Bunty:
    • Just Get on Base
    • Advance the Runners
  • Twenty-Funny:
    • Maybe This Year
    • Fill Your Life With Laughter and Love[Note 7]
  • Twenty-Penny:
    • Get Rid of It
    • Cent to Heaven/Hell
  • Twenty-Money: Get That Paper
  • Money-Money: Papa Wants It, Papa Gets it
  • Hunny-Munny: Down to Beesness
  • Bunny-Munny: Get Some Carrots
  • Funny-Hunny:
    • Fill Your Life With Laughter and Bees
    • Fill Your Bees With Laughter and Love
  • Twenty-Jenny: It's Your Year, Jennifer
  • Twenty-The-Knee: Lift With Your Back, Just This Year, and We're Not Doctors and You Shouldn't Listen to the Shit We Say, but like, Maybe Give the Knees a Break, Your Back's Been Living the Fucking High Life for Too Long
  • Twenty-Palmintari: Chazz's to the Front, Party in the Back
  • Twenty-Minty: Freshen It Up
  • Twenty: Efficiency Above All
  • Twenty-Twice:
    • One Mo' 'gain
    • Second Chances
    • Feels So Nice
    • Roll the Dice
    • Sugar and Spice
    • Twice as Nice
    • Let's All Be Nice
    • A Second Look
    • Two for the Money

2021 - Twenty-Big-Dog-Run: No Bones About It[]

[Note 8]


  • Twenty-Good-Clean-Fun: Let's Get Silly
  • Twenty-Bunny-Fun
  • Twenty-Woebegone
  • Twenty-Marathon
  • Twenty-Laser-Gun: Pew Pew, Motherfucker*
  • Twenty-Tommy-Gun: Braap Braap
  • Twenty-Buy-a-Gun: Let's Just Do It
  • Twenty-On-a-Bun: Eat a Hot Dog (At Some Point)
  • Twenty-Thanks-a-Ton: Gratitude Attitude
  • Twenty-On-the-Run:
    • Let's Lay Low
    • Hasty Getaway
  • Twenty-"Born to Run": What's Bruce's Deal?
  • Twenty-Chase-the-Sun:
    • Live That Beach Life
    • Get/Grab/Grasp/Catch/Clutch That/the/This Orb
  • Twenty-Chase-The-Sun/Son: Soular Power
  • Twenty-Everyone: You're All Invited
  • Twenty-Come-Undone: Let's Take Apart This Cage We Made for Ourselves
  • Twenty-One-on-One:
    • Prove Yourself
    • Disconnect to Reconnect
    • Do it, You Fucking Chicken
  • Twenty-Chicken-Run
  • Twenty-Twenty-Dune: Work on Rhyming
  • Twenty-Jamie's Got a Gun
  • Twenty-Twenty-Won
  • Twenty-Twenty-Done: We're Not Gonna Take It
  • Twenty-Twenty-Shun: A Year of Removing the Toxic People from Our Lives
  • Twenty-Twenty-Stun: Looking So Good
  • Twenty-Overcome
  • Twenty-Sauvignon:
    • Let's Get Drunk
    • Savor the Grape
  • Twenty-Megaton
  • Twenty-It's-Begun
  • Twenty-Never-Done: Keep the Fire Goin'
  • Twenty-Octagon: Let's All Do MMA
  • Twenty-Tons-of-Fun: The Sequel to Twenty-Funny
  • Twenty-Saskatchewan
  • Twenty-Twenty-Nun: Cloister Up!
  • Twenty-Big-Home-Run:
    • Knock It out the Park
    • This One's for the Game
    • Slam It
    • Angels in the Outfield
    • Thanks, Angel
    • Seventh Inning Stretch
    • Bases Loaded
    • We All Believe in You
    • We're All Behind You
    • Be Your Own Angel
    • We're All Angels Now
    • Be the Angel
    • It's Outta Here
    • Slamma Jamma
    • Knock the Skin off the Dang Thing
    • Greasy Cheddar
    • Eye on the Ball
    • Shoot the Moon
    • Call Your Shot
  • ZOZI


  1. Because the numerals 2010 look like the letters "zolo." Mentioned in Episode 36, and officially named retroactively in Episode 283.
  2. Retroactively named in Episode 440.
  3. Mentioned at the end of the year in Episode 181.
  4. Mentioned at the end of the year in Episode 232.
  5. Informally discussed in Episode 181.
  6. Justin referred to this wiki page when the brothers discussed the previous years' themes.
  7. 7.0 7.1 "Twenty Funny" was the original theme, but the brothers decided in Episode 513 (June) that it was not suitable for 2020 and changed the official slogan to "Twenty-Hunny."
  8. In Episode 542, "SOSA: Appreciating Sammy Sosa" was suggested as a future theme for 2024.