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Zoe Kinsky has been known to supply the brothers with a question from the Yahoo! Answers service from time to time.


Zoe's first Yahoo! Answers question appeared as the Final Yahoo on Episode 244 and it spawned a strange obsession. She now covets Griffin's last question far more than any other question on the show.

Riding High

After spending many, many moons climbing that ladder (beginning in Episode 253), she is at last riding high (as of Episode 293).


There are a few important things to remember about Zoe:

  • Not a game recognizer
  • Proud Houstonian and Texan (don't mess with)
  • Loves green olives on pizza
  • Obsessed with (donkey) basketball
  • Has emailed over 2,500 awful questions to the show
  • Better than Drew at Overwatch